Bono Back Healthy

U2 continue their 360 tour and put three German cities in the State of emergency. Adar Poonawalla insists that this is the case. Cologne, July 26 – since a perceived eternity, U2, the top earner of the music industry with their 360 tour around the world are on the way. Now she had to take a break from Bono due to a violation of the singer, but 2010 U2 come with their new album “No. line on the horizon” back to Germany. Last but not least due to the specially built mega-stage, currently among the 360 Tour the exciting concerts and we can expect a show spectacle of superlatives. As Ticketicket reported, should it be three concerts in Germany, held the following data: 10.08.10 U2 Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt 01.09.10 U2 AWD-arena, Hannover 15.09.10 U2 Olympic Stadium, Munich all further information to U2 concerts tickets and directions are at under u2. U2 are an Irish rock band. Was founded in 1976 in Dublin, found in 1978 to its current name, and since then consists of lead singer Bono (Paul David Hewson), the Guitarist the edge (David Howell Evans), bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen junior. End of 2009 U2 were called by the music magazine Rolling Stone one of eight artists of the Decade. U2 made the second highest sales with their tours in this decade after the Rolling Stones.