“advertise it online advertising agency designs for businesses presented brings on CeBIT 2009, received the innovative Internet platform to advertise’it” at an early stage of development much positive response from industry and academia. “With the completion in July 2009, advertise is ‘ it ‘ its service now the German economy. It lets companies now Their designs set safely and free of charge and benefit from the creative diversity of this innovative online advertising agency. Advertise’it is designed specifically to meet the needs of small – and medium-sized enterprises, the demand for quality high-quality advertising and corporate identity. Advertise’it allows all corporate documents such as logo, to make stationery, advertising and much more. In addition to the cost and time savings, the platform offers the selection from a wide variety of creative looks for each selected order.

This diversity is through a pool of creative guarantees, in particular for young media students and freelancers composed. The user-friendly and wizard-based environment companies plan their orders and provide company-specific materials. Based on the enclosed information, the registered creative develop individual designs out and set it on advertise’it a. Following the expiry of the participation offers advertise’it the issuing company the opportunity to see the different designs and independently to acquire his favorites. Advertise’it provides a whole transparent cost structure.

Costs and prices are already known before the setting of the order. All Rechnungsmodalitaten and payments take place comfortably via advertise’it. The dependency on traditional advertising agencies and whose philosophy often denied access to a variety of fresh and new ideas. The eMotivo GmbH goes with advertise’it a new path in the advertising industry and seeks a broad online advertising agency companies To provide the range of fresh ideas for your individual marketing mix.