Adventure Tourism

If we look for a suitable place for the practice of outdoor activities it is Mendoza. Tourism adventure is in cuyanas lands countless natural scenarios for all disciplines and varying degrees of difficulty, from extremely simple circuits up to real challenges that require preparation of several months in advance, or even years, as it is the climb of Aconcagua. But one of the disciplines that more variety of locations is to be carried out is the trekking. The trekking or hiking is walking locations, sometimes beyond for fingerprints or trails that may exist. It is a very popular discipline, since anyone can do it, provided it enjoys good health. In terms of the equipment, will depend on the extension of the excursion. For a simple walk, simply with a comfortable backpack, enough water, and adequate protection for the Sun and low temperatures. Is also possible to acquire a few canes designed notably to make more comfortable the uploaded by steep slopes.

It is also necessary to carry eye protection and take the logical precaution of not venturing solo in poorly known regions. One of the areas that are most suited for hiking is the Cordon del Plata. We are talking about a section of the cordillera de los Andes formed by peaks between 4000 and 6000 m of height, is is more altitude from the Americas region. The traditional circuit covers about 250 km in length, and runs between Potrerillos and Tunuyan. One of the areas of more beauty of this circuit is that of the Tupungato volcano. Its name originates from a Huarpe word which can be translated as Star viewpoint. The height of this volcano is 6550 m. At his side is a slightly smaller Hill called Tupungatito, which sometimes confused it.

The Tupungato volcano allows tours ranging from a simple exploration by its base, to its full ascent. At the base of the volcano there are lot of rural establishments dedicated to agriculture, as plantations Apple and cider production. The region has large amount of tourist services, places to sleep and eat. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Mendoza. Tourism adventure here is ideal, with lots of variants scenario.