Young People Between Withdrawal And Departure

Youth crisis time we trust to what! Vocal gestures disguise that young people feel defenseless in the hermit crab syndrome author of young people… what educators need to know has with his children on the island of Fohr (North Sea), holiday made himself many years and met the Wadden Sea in this way. At some point the parallel of hermit cancer to the young life went on him and so he began to transfer this image: the hermit crab is a schalenloser cancer are looking for empty snail shells for his protection. Of course, the small cancer seeks a small snail. As he grows, this snail House is too small to him.

Sure he delayed the move as long as he can, but at some point it became definitely too tight and he has to leave the familiar and beloved snail Shell to look for a new home, offering him the necessary protection. The bad thing here is however, that he, if he leaves the snail shell, don’t know whether he is a matching, new snail shell finds, which allows him the desired protected re-entry. In the meantime, without House, he is a field day for the gulls, who do nothing all day, to be seen as the low tide, to equally, to find unprotected hermit crabs. He is defenseless in them, if they find him. The growing young people also feel: the child is finally over, it is inexorably lost.

In the moments where he is fully and completely aware that he also feels vulnerable. So it is embarrassing that everyone can immediately experience its abandonment to him, make fun of even the little brother or little sister. Therefore, there are always moments in which he wants to become forgotten or to prefer at least would like to curl up, that he is protected from the eyes of others at least a moment.