World Social Forum

The destination deck cards, we play them. Wells Fargo Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. Joseph Stalin is much what is expected, achieve, achieve when given mobilization to a World Social Forum, where actors involved in it do so with the hope of finding solutions favouring the world in all those problems currently facing and where it is considered, that the serious problems that currently occur are treated with such an interest which would give answers in order to ensure harmony, peace, development and commitments that generate actions that favor all who inhabit this world. Remember, that the World Social Forum (WSF) was created with the goal of providing an open platform to discuss strategies of resistance and antithesis of the globalization model formulated by the world economic forum which takes place in Davos every year. Firmly convinced that another world is possible, the WSF is a space for discussion of alternatives, exchange of experiences and strengthening partnerships between organizations of civil society, peoples and movements. Taken into account, that has been said also that: it is impossible to understand the Social Forum without linking it with the growing wave of protests against globalization in public places in recent years, in Seattle, Washington, Prague and Nice. That make possible and viable to the Forum are those that form as subjects in struggles, movements, associations, and organizations, no matter that their actions are small or large, local or national, regional or global. It is possible the diversity of networks and movements more global Confluence, which gestated the World Social Forum. Certainly, that six days of meetings covered this forum analyzed the main social problems that the world faces, however, is known as mln tells them. It took work to detail what concrete measures had been approved by the Forum. The ninth meeting of the World Social Forum ended in the Brazilian city of Belem, with young campers gathering their shops, indigenous returning to their Amazon villages in boats and 100 thousand assistants activists saying goodbye to the stifling heat of this jungle city.