The Road To Prosperity

The author Richeli says that the money is just energy, and if we understand how energy can accumulate more money. To be rich, you have to know how think the rich, we must understand his philosophy.He explains 4 laws of prosperity for knowing how the money flows. 1st law: receive. We have contact for the first time with the money when we receive it. We must be open to receive it. We must believe that we deserve to be prosperous, successful, wealthy.In the market we put our energy into our products and services to receive more energy in the form of money. 2nd Act: win. If you already have the basic needs covered, we have extra energy to do other things.

The best we can do is swap it in the free market, offering products or services for which the free market I will yield more energy in the form of money. 3rd Act: spend. When we make money, and receive it is important to know how to follow the flows of that energy and put part of it in the free market. We do spending our money but spending it intelligently.Once we spend on the basics, the best is to invest in ourselves. We need to make us valgamos more on the open market to make it pay us more, give us more energy. To have more, you must be more.

4th Act: accumulate. This is save a little bit of that energy for ourselves, put it to work to generate more power in the future.We need to save, left us with a little bit of energy without spending it. Many will say that they can not save the amount of expenses that have, but that is a dilemma that we must change to have prosperity and financial freedom.The first thing we need to do when arrives to us the power of money is paid to ourselves; for example, 10% of our salary to our savings, because we are more important than anything else or taste that we want to give us.