The Mind

The scientist admits that the other person may be subject to the laws repugnant to reason, but then he denies his own dignity, humiliating to the extent of animal 1. So , the need for strengthening public forms of governance should be seen not as a result of high social consciousness, and as a result of hopelessness and chaos caused by the degradation of the mind, control distribution of which, supposedly, will help only a tough political organization management through the introduction of social norms of behavior. Says R. Stammler, "there is no natural necessity, which forced to establish regulatory standards and create a social life, and all rules governing the behavior of people in their mutual relations should be viewed as a matter of human hands and then only as a means of and a tool "2. Therefore, the goal of social development should not be to improve the state organization, but rather, in its gradual destruction. If the state form of life considered as natural, and yes even the final, stage of development of any society, designed to curb and bring into balance the needs of individuals and the interests of society as a whole, we must first recognize the original social depravity of every person and every group that combines such individual. Although behind the scenes, but it is precisely this ideological concept and prevails in modern society. The origin of its well known – for the scientific world – It is a theory of species evolution of Darwin, based on the assumption of primitive life forms in the more advanced, but for ordinary people – the biblical view of creation of man, originally born in sin.