Claims For Compensation For Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

A the car insurance business insurance liability insurance covers legitimate claims for compensation and fends off unauthorized compensation. Automobile liability insurance is legally obliged to complete an insurance every vehicle owner in Germany and Austria. The liability insurance replace damages caused to others with the insured vehicle and fends off unauthorized compensation claims against the operator. The insurance is valid in Europe (in the geographical sense) and is prescribed with a statutory minimum insurance sum of EUR 6 million. If the damage exceeds the sum insured, the insured must pay the excess share itself. Therefore recommend that insurers agree a higher insurance sum (E.g. 15 million euros), so that also heavy accidents are covered-> this usually only few euro costs more. JPMorgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter. Meaning and purpose? The insurance guarantees the payment of damages (= protection of) Injured party) and on the other hand in many cases the height of the Schades would threaten the existence of the liable (= protection of the liable).

What is insured? Indemnifiable damages caused to others with the insured vehicle. For example, when parking, another vehicle will be damaged. The repair costs of the other vehicle will be taken over. What is not covered? Damage to your own vehicle (a comprehensive insurance is necessary); more information, please refer to the conditions. Tip: holiday abroad with the car or motorcycle? In some European countries is proof of a legal liability. Learn more about this with

This proof is provided in the form of an international insurance card (small green card) and issued by the insurer. In some non-European countries, motor vehicles need a SOG ante large green card, which is also subject to a premium. Information can be found here. You are injured and you know only the flag? In Germany there is a central source of insurance information and in Austria the Insurance Association provides on its website the possibility to determine the liable insurance company on the basis of the indicator. The claims may be filed with the insurer of this without knowing the name and address of the liable. Cancel insurance? The insurance can be cancelled in several ways. The most common are the termination of expiration and termination due to change of vehicle. You will find information here. assure easy here for the link


Very Important To The Stock Market: The Coming Summer Months!

Please note this Markus Frick recommendation! During discussions with other analysts and stock market letter editors, I, Markus Frick, found that the uncertainty is still very large. Some colleagues thought that one should simply close the eyes and simply must see problems across the whole n. Surely, this is a way to invest in these times. But you know that I prefer the slightly more boring way and that stands for the security in the first place. There was much discussion whether this is now the end of the downward momentum or whether we will once again have a strong Jolt down. Note also the season to do so.

Even if this rather plays a minor role for longtime stock trader, you should consider getting more occurring in the summer months to strong reductions. For this reason it will be exciting, this year what the market will do. Basically, you need to write that the markets are in a very good shape at the moment. A related site: Ben Silbermann mentions similar findings. How quickly this can change that. have we must experience all unfortunately in recent months. For this reason you should go with less euphoria on the whole thing up, because the markets will have no strength in my opinion in the next few months, to rise to 6,000 points in the DAX.

Especially in the stocks is currently little money to earn. By this I mean values that are not listed in the DAX, MDAX and TecDAX. I promise you that with stocks in some time back lot making money is. To do so, one must have still patience. Stop to speculate with any narrow market values because it goes wrong at the moment more. I have received many requests to share by \”German Oil & gas AG\”. This company was recommended letter in Germany. I also received such an advertisement and invitation to the presentation in a big city.


AssCompact Trend II/09: Financial Market From The Perspective Of An Independent Mediator

Sales mood took now properly influence the financial market crisis despite the crisis at independent advisers still at a high level after a first good start in the year 2009 the independent broker distribution mood. Their mood when compared to the previous quarter falls to 9 percentage points. Pleasing remains nevertheless to hold that almost two thirds of respondents (66%) intermediaries satisfied, motivated and enthusiastic in the current situation. This result may be witness to profound professional and life experience, which bring the respondents agents and their approximately 19 years of professional experience, as well as an average age of 49 years. \”\” In the 27 studied product lines of the four categories of age – and risk management\”, Sach/HUK and investment & financing\” is to observe that the intermediary in the investment business to retreat priorities go back during the turnover flagship for the German market provision \”with over 52% stake claims its prominent position. The Sach / HUK WINS easily at business Sales importance. The recent survey was carried out within the framework of the quarterly published series of studies to the AssCompact trend by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth, comes to these results. 924 broker or multiple agents of various sizes were asked nationwide.

Biometric risks in the upward trend for the first quarter of 2009 is in customer demand the issue of personal risks\”(BU, death, disease) to the absolute top subject. \”\” Over 83% of the agents confirmed that with one important \”to very important\”. Close behind follows\”the optimization of insurance protection. Private pension plans ranked 3rd\”. It is above all the biometric risks, which 2009 experienced an increased attention among customers in the first quarter. The intermediary product sales follows the demand behaviour of customers. So one of the disability insurance, the private insurance as well as the Home insurance for the most sold products of the first quarter.


Stock Market: Caution Against Premature Optimism!

AVIMA informed: high risk of burns on the stock markets due to the ongoing economic stimulus packages is to detect a glimmer of hope for the economy. The Group of stock market optimists wins fast followers, all of them claiming that the previous low for the year was the absolute nadir of the financial crisis in March by 3.666 points on the DAX. The Valley of tears had bottomed out you must enter so now again. To read more click here: Ben Silbermann. The experienced financial manager Klaus J. Pitter-Kilfitt, AVIMA Board, warns, however, against a premature return. According to his estimates, the nascent in the meantime anyway already in the decline in rally of the last few days only is a brief interim high in a still ongoing downward trend.

Because in contrast to the then prevailing hyper optimism the economic reality is always still disastrous. It should not be forgotten that often comparatively 1524 recession of 2001 stopped just two quarters compared to the current Situation so almost a birthday. After all the existing recession in the United States began in the 4th quarter of 2007 is now already roughly one and a half years and one end is currently not really. It would be utterly amazing, the stock markets would now actually already lead on the turn. Financial expert Klaus p.-Kilfitt: \”I think more likely much further courses setbacks and it seems to me quite to the extent of possible, that the markets once again test their lows in 2003.\” Not only the disastrous economic environment gives reason for concern.

The immensely high parallelism of price developments, for example, of the German stock index DAX in comparison with the stock prices of the last bear market is frightening. Several other, well-established professionals see this as, like e.g. the editor of the journal \”FONDS professionell\”, Gerhard Fuhring, just forcefully pointed in a cautionary article on this situation.


Base Rate Was Lowered To 3.19 Per Cent

Interest rate drops on July 1 to 3.19 percent to 1.7.2008 in the arrears resulted in changes. Instrumental’s German civil code (BGB) in 247 called base interest rate. He serves mainly as a basis for the calculation of interest according to article 288, paragraph 1, sentence 2 BGB and changed to 1 January and 1 July each year. Since 1.5.2000, of the debtor has to pay legal interest from the so-called base rate plus a certain premium shall be calculated. This interest rate is regularly published by the European Central Bank (ECB) and is essentially the discount rate set by the Bundesbank before.

The base rate authoritative for determining the interest is set twice new since 1 January 2002 by the ECB in the year, each January 1 and July 1. In addition, distinction is made afterwards whether it involves legal transactions, in which a consumer is involved or not. Case of legal transactions, in which a consumer is involved, is the legal Interest rate for the payment 5 percentage points above the base interest rate ( 288 ABS. 1 BGB). Legal transactions where no consumer is 8 percentage points above the base rate of interest for compensation claims (article 288 par. 2 BGB). Are consumer ( 13 BGB all natural persons, which is a complete legal transaction for a purpose which can be attributed neither to their commercial nor their professional activity.) The base interest rate to determine of the interest was reduced to 1.7.2008 previously 3.32 percent to 3.19 per cent. Nissan is open to suggestions. For private borrowers, a current interest of 8.19 percent per year is calculated from this. If both creditors and debtors are business people, the legal interest is currently 11.19 per cent per year. Steffen Kowalski SFG debt management GmbH Stud 4 70173 Stuttgart contact person: Mr Steffen Kowalski Tel: 0711/22863-0 fax: 0711/22863-99 E-Mail: Web:


Small Start For Big Dreams

Equipment for the age – there are only three ways to be financially independent…… someday: save, save, save! You think if you earn more, you’d be wealthy? Nonsense! You are wealthy not by the money that you are taking, but only by the money you don’t spend. Saving is not cool and no fun? Also nonsense! You probably have the correct target and certainly not the right reasons, to achieve it. You remember? You had a very special wish as a child and have really saved money each. Every adult you have told and tried to involve him – in your “savings”fever.

And remember how proud you were, when they had actually made it? Can you not save? And thus to know that the banks still never just how gravy as it had never been the banking crisis. Interest rate reductions passed on to savers now, borrowers, the different looks. Who overstays his or her account will pay up to 20% Interest. What individuals cannot do is capable of a community often. Save with a registered cooperative means safe investment in turbulent times.

And often, their savings are significantly better than those of established money houses, such as the magazine”in one of their last editions reported. Even with a small money”, an interesting asset can be saved to with patience. No magic and no sorcery just the compound interest effect. So, for example, the registered cooperative offers also the participation in individual monthly AVG EC (equipment and precautionary advice cooperative) a Sofortbeteiligung in the form of a one-off payment. This leads to an investment of EUR 12,000 at a savings plan of EUR 100 per month after ten years. The asset at this time is appropriate dividend yield, for example, at EUR 20,000 and after 15 years, without any additional deposit or withdrawn, at about 95,000 EUR. Tip: Pay any overdraft interest rates by up to 20% at your bank. Rather implement an interesting Dividend yield at a cooperative. About the plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC the purpose of AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC is the economic promotion and support of the members. The object of the company is advising the members in all financial matters and the most profitable investment of the business assets of the members taking advantage of the benefits resulting from the merger as a cooperative. The cooperative can take over all in the area of finance, the system of business assets and the advice of the members tasks, insofar as it is not subject to authorisation of the banking. It has in particular the tasks to achieve price advantages for the members of the Association to a cooperative, as well as the Community system of capital, the support and advice of members in relation to the investment of capital and the development of financing schemes and optimization of output structures. The EC works exclusively for its own members. It lays its own capital, i.e. the business assets of its members, in the framework of its possibilities. The EC maintains no foreign capital. It is determined only by the idea of self-determination and the democratic rules of the cooperative law. Contact: AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC contact: Andreas Laing Menzelstrasse 14 14467 Potsdam 0331 7017777