Diamond Production

It is necessary to perform the opening in the concrete wall? Without noise dust and vibration? No problem, if you have a diamond tool. diamond drilling and cutting more than half a century, are used in the construction industry and have themselves equal. Diamond tool is able to penetrate the multimeter openings, performing them perfectly accurate. The broad scope – construction, demolition, reconstruction, aerodromostroenie, road work, excellent technical factors – accuracy, vibration-free and speed, all this makes diamond tool indispensable element in the construction industry. few people think about the reasons for such a good job. Diamond tool was widely used because of the unique properties of diamond segments fixed on the surface of the tool. Additional information is available at lucas duplan.

Diamond segment is the basis of the instrument and is a bundle consisting of metal powder and synthetic diamonds. Tim cook is a great source of information. In the production of segments used, as a rule, synthetic diamond, superior strength and durability of natural diamond. Development and production of diamond segments – high-tech process that requires significant scientific and technical capacities. After completing the research and development activities, long-term field tests, the segment goes into production. In the production of diamond segments, experts gc "Adele", a manufacturer of diamond tools, providing 4 main phases: Preparation of a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. In according to the recipe segment is preparing a mixture of metal powders and diamonds. Uniform distribution of components is carried out in a mixer. In the finished composition add a link to the process granulation.

State Fire Service

Analysis opportunities to improve methods of quality control allows us to advance a flexible system of control depending on the goals (quality control services in the field of fire protection within the licensed validation, quality control, fire protection for acceptance of the object, etc.), which suggests the possibility of using different combinations of basic and additional areas of control. Monitoring should be carried out committee consisting of employees of the State Fire Service, specializing in the direction of regulation and supervision, licensing and certification of products and services, as well as representatives of the organization, the sites that work. In addition, it is recommended to involve technical experts and representatives of organizations accredited in the field testing of fire protection, have experience in monitoring quality of fire protection designs. If necessary, can be held by representatives of organizations that have the possibility of identifying materials used during the work on fire protection of structures. There are three main areas of quality control of fire protection: visual inspection and rapid methods of monitoring, control of the documentation, and monitoring by measurement and experimental metodov.Vizualny control is based on an assessment of the appearance of the coating when viewed through the organs of vision. Seen from the designs and products, secure compounds that form on the surface of the object fire protection layer coatings (paints, varnishes, pastes, coatings and the like), is the lack of rough places, estimated compliance of the surface coating requirements of technical documentation for the application of the composition.

Russian Federation

Wood is the most reliable and easy to handle material. In addition great demand for forest and timber in construction can be explained and their availability – the Russian Federation has always been ochenbogata forest. Kept up to date house of logs, history that is hundreds of years, are the best confirmation of the unique characteristics of wood. Wooden houses – the most environmentally friendly place to live. So it is understandable that the age-old tradition of wooden Russian architecture largely remained until modern times. About the construction of wooden houses, and the widespread use of a variety of wooden structures in recent write a lot, but about the process of harvesting a tree tell very little.

But this complex and crucial stage of the technological chain determines the final result: the strength and durability of a log home in many ways depend on the quality of the tree. So, what to be aware of the essential parameters of the tree? First, a couple of words about the most commonly used hardwood and softwood. According to established practice in the construction of the tree often use of spruce and pine. Straight smooth trunk, absence of hollows, a very small number of branches, all this makes it easy to shoot down logs in the walls, high gummosity of wood provides a good resistance rotting. Also, more and more applications are cedar and larch. Under the cedar, though, mean cedar pine. Sometimes used such material as aspen. Not often build houses and baths of linden, oak, beech and alder.

Here and there mastered fir. However, the life of a wooden house depends not only on the correct wood species. Strong influence on life and has the very quality of wood used, which depends on many factors. Key among them – time and place of harvesting and drying methods. An important criterion of quality is its density. Usually it is defined by the area, where people were logging, and more precisely, climate the area. Usually the wood harvested in the northern territories, is the most dense. Most high-quality timber – from the north of the Urals. Often we read that the most best to use construction of timber is harvested from November to late February. Nevertheless, this is not entirely untrue. In fact, spruce and pine is better to harvest in early February – early March. So long since become a tradition, and There are several explanations. Wood in this time of year is the dry, hence during its further processing produces less cracks than in the trunks of trees felled in a different season. In addition to the frost on the logs blackening and the fungus does not appear, and the bark is removed easily in the future. Therefore oshkurennye logs ultimately injured a little. Of course, winter trees is easier to remove. And the aspen begin to harvest at the end of March, when resumes sap flow. Harvested trees yet stand freezing temperatures free from knots and cut into logs (usually a 6-meter-long). They have until the end of winter should be removed from the forest and arranged for storage in stacks. It is imperative that the logs from the bottom had been torn from the ground to not less than two feet (so they do not fall moisture and dew from the ground). Speel in logs obscure the slaked lime in this way protect them from excessive drying and possible cracking.