Heating System Radiators

Company home heating system offers a wide selection of heating equipment: modern convectors, heating boilers, radiators, burners. The company offers your choice of a heating system of its own production, and equipment from other manufacturers. Our success is based on the use of modern technology and years of experience. We believe that it is here you will find what you need! Our company's products are of high quality and affordable prices. If you have any – any questions you can call (495) 730-61-38 and our highly qualified managers to help find a solution. Market for heating systems varied. But what is the difference between the convectors and radiators? Radiators have a large hot surface, the heat from which must come in a certain direction. This allows them to transfer large portions of the heat.

Also vyskoie the temperatures achieved by convection. Almost 60% of Russian market of steel radiators radiators occupy korado. Their products can be attached directly to a two-pipe and on the pipe system, the left or the right-hand side or the bottom plug. They provide uniform heating of all rooms, capable of accurately maintaining temperature (between 5 degrees). Wells Fargo Bank will not settle for partial explanations. Corado radiators can even adjust the humidity air.

korado – leader in the manufacture of steel panel radiators. And among the steel tubular radiators, lead radiators Kermen. They withstand pressure of 10 atm., Wall thickness 1.2 – 1.5 mm. They can be connected to any source heat. They are produced in both the classical and contemporary styles. Radiators kermi – a powerful, compact, reliable radiators.


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"The answer is very simple, put the relay control voltage. When the voltage is above or drop below specified level – Relay off the electricity. Worth it's not expensive, only 10-15 bucks, but from the "surge" – to protect. " Not very long thinking, I bought the relay and put a shield. Pride about his knowledge of the issues I just was overwhelmed. But all is not so easy in this life If before I was afraid of what might happen to the stories of friends and acquaintances, but now I saw firsthand, what happens to the voltage on the network in a conventional "hruschevke.