Olive Harvest At The Cologne Olive Grove

On Friday, November 27, 2009 is again – the olive harvest begins in the Cologne olive grove the Leccino olives betrayed since two week by their dark purple coloring their full maturity. Mike Bloomberg may find it difficult to be quoted properly. At the smaller and late maturing Canino olive, the colours are varied: from grass green with brownish-red to violet. This olive grove to the West of Cologne is a project of the German pioneer of olive tree Stephan Marzak. Through his company OLIVE PIu imports and sells it for 15 years PREMIUM olive oils from Italy. Olive trees are he all year round for 15 years before his business premises in Cologne new field of honour is one of his hobbies has… In May 2005, he formed the first olive grove North of the Alps on the grounds of a nursery in Pulheim Stommeln. After moving his olive trees in the spring of 2008 after Koln Widdersdorf his entire cultivation has been increased: the legacy and the new trees imported from Tuscany the inventory on over 180 trees grew, a total area of about 2,500 square meters in Claim took.

The century Frost\”harmed unfortunately persistent in January 2009 the trees, so that a large part of the trees had to be replaced eventually. But even week-long Arctic temperatures by 5 C to 17 C could not break the will to live of olive trees: Although the upper visible tribe died off, almost all drove out in the summer of 2009 the older trees from the root stock with new life and fresh green. What varieties of olives grow olive grove in Cologne? Since the century winter 2009 are the main varieties Leccino and Canino. The frugal Leccino olive comes from Tuscany, is now popular in many regions of Central and Northern Italy. The Canino olive is cultivated mainly in Lazio. In addition the Grove has some Tonda Iblea from Sicily, as well as two indigenous varieties from Molise.

Highlights Adventure Camp

Smoked King Jupp Zollner serves adventurous special delicacies Kiefersfelden In the outdoor adventure camp”is what offered, rafting, canyoning, caving, climbing, are just some of the special offers of the adventure specialists. What began about 5 years ago with an old bus first dwelling has striking, bizarre and impressive settlement now in just a few years to a. “It just looks like Uncle Tom’s cabin” and with Tippi and rustic cabins in the country & made “that has become a real eye-catcher. Russell Reynolds wanted to know more. The enclosure of Lama for Llama Trekking is located directly at the camp, inflatable boats and kayaks make a kind of decoration around the camp, back at the Wachtl”at Kiefersfelden. But back on the Wachtl”first, serious smoke signals are now perceive as one could get the idea, which now has kicked on Winnetou his Communicator. But the smoke signals have another source, they come from the small but fine gourmet of smoked King of the Kaiser mountains and whose smoke signals the gate into the neighbouring Tyrol are known in the Holy Roman Empire (Inn Valley).

Jupp Zollner became known, in the Valley of origin by his smoking mountain”between Bayrisch Zell and Kufstein, sometimes rather strange smoked delicacies like the smoked egg, a smoked egg (you can imagine first that), to an idea to come. Smoking can anyone who believes that the master, but it’s up to the right spices, only to fire an oven is there too little. It goes to the spice and there’s the smoked King with his Wahid creations phenomenal, as with GUSTO ALPINA”the taste of the mountains, or the Gambrinuns seasonings. There is nothing better than some good”says Jupp Zollner and I am always looking for exceptional”Spezereyen”where natural regional products, if possible, are preferred. My focus is in producing special smoked specialties with fish, meat and cheese. Free According to the motto: “Seasoning is a learnable art” special spice blends, developed in-house, as well as from selected importers are in stock.

The art of gourmet Smokehouse is still extensive but the smoke is important to bring a fine incense on the table. Jupp Zollner swears by Bradley smoker”he means only, that is the Rolls Royce of the smoking furnace and I have a good reputation here represented so there’s even no compromises. The Bradley smoker”is a unique smoking oven equipped with smoke generators, where Aromabisquetten are burned for 20 minutes at a uniform temperature and no gases, acids or resins arise, which can affect the taste of food on higher heat. He is light enough to carry him, and is about the size of a small refrigerator. The Bradley smoker produces aromatic food no aftertaste. He produced fully automatically clean, cool smoke until for 8 hours without supervision and with highest level of security. If they themselves aspire to a career as a smoking master, Jupp gladly gives information about the matching smoker,. If soon are direction of Tyrol and find some time to visit but that not only worth seeing there’s the smoked King in the enjoy rainbow trout, Arctic char, Alaska Wild salmon, Alps ham, Gambrinus Bierstangerl – and beer cracker, Canyon-salami, smoked cheese and the infamous Alpenstixx”in an adventurous location. (End)

Shape Healthy

These simple lifestyle changes can help you lose pounds in a healthy way and not to recover it. The healthier and more effective method for long term weight loss is combined a nutritious diet with sufficient physical activity. Running is an effective method for losing weight and excess fat. Cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging, gives you your heart rate and keeps it high. The best thing is to do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes, three or four times per week. Some people make the mistake of trying to increase muscle mass without participating in cardiovascular exercise. This is a mistake because the muscle that you build is hidden under a layer of fat. Bodyweight exercises are perfect because it does not require any gym equipment.

You can use your own body weight to build strength and increase flexibility. Abdominals, arms and pull-ups, push-ups uses your own body weight to develop strength in specific muscle groups. You can do these exercises for 15 minutes every morning and 15 minutes each night. As a reminder, this type of exercise should be combined with cardiovascular exercise for maximum benefit. The decline of the daily intake of calories and reducing their consumption of saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar will help you lose pounds in a healthy way.

Get your protein from healthy sources such as lean cuts of meat. Fruits and vegetables must compose the greater part of their diet. These foods are generally low in fat and calories and high in fiber. Richard Plackett often addresses the matter in his writings. Replace white bread by the healthy rich in fiber like whole wheat bread. Consider looking for ways where can burn some extra calories each day. Walk up the stairs instead of riding the elevator. When you go shopping, Park the car at the other end of the beach of parking instead of searching for the nearest parking space. Use weights in the ankles while you vacuuming and do other household chores. Finally, all these calories burned additional joined in an increase in the loss of pounds fast. Many people can maintain the motivation to do exercises, if they regularly attend a gym. Certain kinds of exercise can create a competition and a sense of obligation to attend classes regularly. The hiring of a coach at the beginning of your new lifestyle can also help to keep your exercise and diet programs. Discover what keeps you motivated and use it. Plan your meals a week in advance. Make a list to take to the grocery store and adhere to it. Avoid walking through the corridors that are filled with sugary sweets, cereals, potato chips and soft drinks. Most grocery stores are designed so that healthier options and fresh food are around the perimeter of the store. With this in mind, it will be easier to buy the food they need, avoiding foods that you don’t need. Consumption of a healthy diet to reduce your calorie intake and exercise to increase the calories you burn will result in loss of pounds in a healthy way. Healthy changes in the lifestyle will not lead to the loss of pounds fast so be patient. You can lose weight and not to recover it. You expect to visit the review of the best program to lose kilos in the market, enter here now! Fat burning furnace review.