Olive Harvest At The Cologne Olive Grove

On Friday, November 27, 2009 is again – the olive harvest begins in the Cologne olive grove the Leccino olives betrayed since two week by their dark purple coloring their full maturity. Mike Bloomberg may find it difficult to be quoted properly. At the smaller and late maturing Canino olive, the colours are varied: from grass green with brownish-red to violet. This olive grove to the West of Cologne is a project of the German pioneer of olive tree Stephan Marzak. Through his company OLIVE PIu imports and sells it for 15 years PREMIUM olive oils from Italy. Olive trees are he all year round for 15 years before his business premises in Cologne new field of honour is one of his hobbies has… In May 2005, he formed the first olive grove North of the Alps on the grounds of a nursery in Pulheim Stommeln. After moving his olive trees in the spring of 2008 after Koln Widdersdorf his entire cultivation has been increased: the legacy and the new trees imported from Tuscany the inventory on over 180 trees grew, a total area of about 2,500 square meters in Claim took.

The century Frost\”harmed unfortunately persistent in January 2009 the trees, so that a large part of the trees had to be replaced eventually. But even week-long Arctic temperatures by 5 C to 17 C could not break the will to live of olive trees: Although the upper visible tribe died off, almost all drove out in the summer of 2009 the older trees from the root stock with new life and fresh green. What varieties of olives grow olive grove in Cologne? Since the century winter 2009 are the main varieties Leccino and Canino. The frugal Leccino olive comes from Tuscany, is now popular in many regions of Central and Northern Italy. The Canino olive is cultivated mainly in Lazio. In addition the Grove has some Tonda Iblea from Sicily, as well as two indigenous varieties from Molise.