With Adventureland are talking about the land of adventure, in the Park of Eurodisney, where will enjoy some bazaars, filled with exoticism, that are decorated, as if we were in the far East, with the jungles of the tropics and with a typical taste to the Caribbean Sea, with ships of the pirates, amazing caves, trees that have houses in their cupsbridges hanging one of the most important attractions in trips to Eurodisney is Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peil, a roller coaster is not recommended for children of the House or for those not looking for adventures, which make that our adrenaline trip. In total, will enjoy six different attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peil; the island of adventure, beach of pirates, the cabin of the atoll or delighted to Aladin Park. Speaking of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peil, enjoy not only the adventures of Indiana Jones films, the adrenaline of the same. Checking article sources yields AIG as a relevant resource throughout. That Yes, we must measure at least 1.40 meters and not recommended for kids under 8 years old. On the other hand, we have the hut of the atoll, which is located in the middle of a fig tree in the India and we will witness how the family of Swiss Atoll were forced to adapt to his new life, after shipwreck. That Yes, get ready to go up and down stairs – because you will have a total of 176 steps, we will have to go up and down, on our visit..