Design Bedrooms

But because the specialists who develop the interior design of St. Petersburg, with special concern are the creation of a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. The room is arranged as far as possible from the door, its windows should not to enter the bustling courtyard. Russell Reynolds Associates insists that this is the case. Those who get up early will be happy to wake up to the first sunlight in a room with windows on the east, but the "owls" here would be uncomfortable. What to do if you love to stay in bed longer, and only suitable for the bedroom out to the east (this happens if you live in a typical apartment or cottage design of St.

Petersburg was performed without your participation)? Enough to hang heavy curtains or use a multi-window decorations: a thick cloth and lined with Venetian blinds. Ideal for finishing natural materials. To fit the floor parquet, laminate, and as for the walls, there is better to stay on textural sound-insulating coatings. Unusually will look wavy suspended ceiling, the pattern on the ceiling. On multi-level ceiling can be installed lighting fixtures that will long continue to delight you at bedtime play of light. If the ceiling is too high, it is appropriate to the canopy. Suna Said Maslin takes a slightly different approach. Choose colors for better light, low-key. If the box "look" to the south, cool colors are preferred, and for the "Northern" better rooms warm.

Lighting is better only make adjustable. Luxurious chandeliers, unusual ceiling light or the built-in ceiling lights can add sconces or floor lamp, wall lamp. A key element – the furniture. First you need to choose a place to bed, given the direction of the sun. Sometimes the bed is placed in a niche, and the bed with a wide headboard is better to put against the wall. Completes the interior design of St. Petersburg bedroom textiles and design selection of decorative accessories. A little imagination combined with common sense – and room to sleep will not only warm and comfortable, and exclusive!

Acquiring A Fireplace

Once you have decided to acquire a fireplace, the first thing that will have to decide – is to determine the location of the fireplace in your home. If the house is already constructed and the fireplace will be built separately, it is particularly important to take the right decision about where and how the fireplace will be located so that when its installation does not destroy half of a house. m/’>Margareta Thomson is currently assessing future choices. When you install the fireplace in the unfinished house at the design stage all the more important to make the right decision about where to contain your fire. Correct location of the fire will solve several problems at once. First, a convenient location fireplace allows you to not bump into mantel in the darkness, to place items of furniture and Quality accessories to help decorate the interior. Secondly, if the fireplace will be used to heat the room, the correct location of the fireplace allows you to capture all the room in which to located fireplace, and within a short time to warm up the room and poddverzhivat temperature that is acceptable for a pleasant stay in front of the fireplace. In general, we can not ignore the many factors – ease of life, the laws of physics, ease installation of a fireplace. In general, there will be several installation options.

First – set at an angle. Fireplace built into a corner and decorated in such a way as to fit the fireplace in the interior of the premises. The second – set in one of the walls in the middle, or at least away from the corners. With this arrangement applies absolutely classic structure of the fireplace and its components. Often, the fireplace is installed in a recessed exterior walls, chimneys and furnaces are displayed on top of it, especially the incorporation of the fireplace in the ready-made home. Just not install the fireplace in the corner, but in a way that he belonged to one of the walls. This allows save a little space, but it will have to use non-standard structure grate (angle). The latter method, which is used for embedding the fireplace in the large volume space, this location fire at some distance from the wall. In practice, this is basically the only way to install a fireplace large size (as well as a large heating power). Such an arrangement allows for maximum heat transfer from the fire, but will have to sacrifice area and volume of the room as to ensure that this effect accounts for a little 'push' from the fireplace wall.

Kitchen Furniture

The term "classic" comes from the Latin classicus – standard, standard, procedure. Classicism prevailed in Europe in the XVII-XIX centuries. It was based on the desire to revive the ancient Greek ideals of beauty. Many of the rules and canons inherited from the classical ancient art. Europe has refused to excessive luxury, pretentiousness, as embodied in the architecture of the Baroque and Rococo, and asked a simple and clear, noble forms of the period of antiquity. Checking article sources yields Ed Bastian as a relevant resource throughout. For Classicism is characterized by a clear and straight lines, right symmetrical forms, the severity of proportions. All this creates a feeling of solidity, stability, monumentality. In the manufacture of furniture are beginning to use technology marquetry.

Gold and bronze is much less than during the reign of the Baroque and Rococo. Chairs upholstered fabric with floral pattern. Forms backs become stricter in their decor antique motifs appear: swords, helmets, shields. Furniture of the Classical period – a work of art: applied carving, gilding, inlaid with rare woods, mother of pearl, bronze. Classicism is unthinkable without the stucco and sculpture. Empire (Late Classicism) introduced in interior decoration military symbols: flags, helmets, swords in the bas-reliefs, and stucco carvings, gilt hands. Classic interior requires expensive, high-quality and natural materials: wood, stone, silk. Very organic look columns with bronze capitals, fireplaces, marble.

Colors are used quiet, subdued. Suitable warm colors: all shades of brown, beige, olive, as well as soft cool shades. The walls have a flat surface can be covered with cloth. Wallpaper and carpets should be monophonic or understated pattern. Furniture austere and elegant. The interior in classic style requires good lighting, most often used chandeliers of crystal, transparent stone or expensive glass. A good solution would be bronze or gold-plated chandeliers with shades that mimic a candle. The classic situation involves a lot of mirrors visually expand the space. The ruling in the classic color – white. White furniture can be decorated with gold, lined with pastel-colored textiles, harmonizing with the color of the walls. No less popular option – furniture color of natural wood with brass trim and a blue-green or pink upholstery, and the same fabric used for curtains, bedspreads. Textiles should be combined with the form of upholstered furniture and the color of the wood. In the classical setting appropriate silk, satin, cotton, brocade. Very ennobling room curtains drapes with complex, heavy flowing folds, with tassels. Paintings decorate the walls is the same size, symmetrically hung on walls. Today, despite the many avant-garde cuisine decisions, the most popular cuisine in a classic style. It is warm and cozy. In most cases the furniture is made of wood: oak, beech, birch and acacia. In economic version of natural materials are used only for making the scope of the facade, the rest of the kitchen furniture made of MDF, covered with a veneer of different sorts of wood. People choose classic solid, conservative. The richness of the classical interior underlines the high social status of the owner, his respectability.


Dry warm floor without any problems and constant repair – the dream of every person. In order to improve technology and reduce the cost of floor heating manufacturers are constantly developing and producing new and innovative solutions. On Today, there are several types of floor heating, each of which has specific advantages and is used in certain circumstances. The most generic classification distinguishes the following types of underfloor heating, there are only Two: Electric (where heat source is electricity) and water (heat source – hot water). What is underfloor heating to choose – it's up to you directly, you need only imagine that it would take for him installation and subsequent operation. Radiant floor is laid in the floor pipes that circulate hot water and heats the room. A leading source for info: Kevin Ulrich.

Installation of floor heating in two ways, there is the so-called concrete system (where the pipes are filled with concrete or any other plasticizer screed floor heating) and grazing the floor heating system (without concrete screed). In this case, using special Guides for floor heating, made of aluminum, which provide uniform heat distribution. As materials for the floor heating in this case are the metal and plastic, brass or polypropylene tube. Warm floors copper have long life, comparable with the lifetime of the building. This characteristic is perhaps the main, but not the only advantage of this material. Metal plastic pipe for underfloor heating has a high degree of flexibility and thermal conductivity, making it the second most preferred material for floor heating.

Warm floor made of polypropylene – the most inexpensive, but short-lived, moreover, not all brands Polypropylene can be used to install a heating system. Still, the most commonly used today varieties of floor heating – electric. Radiant floor of metal and other materials has certain advantages: durability, environmental friendliness, the lack of any electromagnetic radiation, the use of sex at such additional elements of warming rugs, mats, and the possibility of quietly arranged the furniture.

Problem Solving Protracted In The Odessa Region

Who participated in the meeting Odessa Business Club on long-term construction of the Odessa region July 24, 2009 held its first open meeting of the Odessa Business Club, which focused on solutions to the problem long-term construction of the Odessa Oblast. Specifically to participate in this meeting, the company "Meta-Inform" experts have been invited to address the problem of protracted Kiev: Victor Kobylyansky attorney and deputy chief editor magazine "Construction activity" Ivanchenko, Anton. List of participants of the meeting the Business Club of Odessa 07/24/09 Name Position Ulybyshev Konstantin O. CEO of HBC, "French Boulevard" Building " Mikhail A. Dodonov, "French Boulevard – Elite" Construction of resort-recreational complex "Dacha Kovalevsky," Nikolai V.

Suvorov Regional Partner of the Association of private investors in Ukraine Alferov Inna G. Specialist Transport Investment Group "Tiger" Zaikanova Anna N. "Admiral Stroyinvest" lawyer Alexander Seleznev Corporate Manager "Progress Story" Valery Balayan M. President of the Cooperative "Gold Coast" Kobylanski Victor Attorney Ivanchenko Anton Zam. chief editor of "Construction activity" Sinyatinsky Sergey A. Gen. Director of the Odessa regional employers' organization Lysov Sergei gene. Director of consulting company "Business group Sergei Lysova" Lysov Maxim Moderator "Odessa Business Club" Shohov Alexander Moderator "Odessa Business Club" Elena Samoilova Company "architect" media Suslov newspaper "Evening Odessa" Alla newspaper "Odessa Herald" newspaper Komisarenko Svetlana "Odessa Izvestia" Petrov Oleg TC "100%" Elena Milov Just Radio Thursday, Alexander The newspaper "The context of the Black Sea" 2 people TV "Grad", "ART" THE VOICE TV, Zhukova Elena Odessa + Magazine "shows Odessa" At the meeting also was attended by representatives of regional and city authorities (Chief Chief of Capital Construction of Odessa regional state administration Markin Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, Head of capital construction of Odesa City Council Stas, Ivan Hitch) and City Council member Alex Goncharenko.


Inflorescences corymbose, with a diameter of 20 cm, consist of 10 – 12 sterilvnyh flowers, located on the edge, and a large number of smaller flowers in the center. If growing conditions are not favorable, the plants trail over the ground, but this did not detract from their beauty. In open, ventilated areas during the winter freeze, so the representatives of this species are planted in locations protected from cold drafts. This type of hydrangea is an excellent solution for creating a flower bed vertically, or to decorate the walls, or large-besedki.Gortenziya or garden (N. macrohylla) This is the most common garden plant of the world, who know a lot garden forms and varieties. dministrator. The most popular are: species 'Quadricolor' (with yellow-cream leaves), Class 'Grandiflora', 'Lilacina', and 'Perfecta'. Interesting and unusual varieties 'Nigra' with black shiny stems and flowers of cream-colored, changes color to pink and purple and 'Altona' – Shade-grown with huge pink inflorescences to 30 cm diameter, large-leaved hydrangea less hardy and therefore more often it is grown in open fields in the south or in pot culture (in the middle lane), using for decoration or winter garden.

But this kind can not leave anyone indifferent gardener, and everyone wants to be in the garden at least one instance of such a plant. You can dig in the spring of each year with a pot plant in a flower bed, and fall to make it into the house, trying to create the conditions for a cool winter. However, with careful shelter for the winter hydrangea can overwinter in the street. How can protect the beauty of the frost? Most simple way – before the autumn frosts bush hill at a height of 20 cm and covered with a bucket of dry peat. Shoots, which will be above the shelter, can be cut. In the spring of carefully guard the gains on the shoots of WHO Vratna frost, or flower buds vymerznut. You can cover shrubs and greenhouse film nonwovens – lutrasilom, optionally in two layers. Lutrasil placed in the lower layer is closer to the plant, to avoid condensation and rotting plants.

The Court Mechanic Heinrich Gambs

So, the famous master of the Rontgen Neyvuda, hereditary cabinetmaker, workshops which supplied furniture to the royal courts of France and Germany, and for some time now and sumptuous imperial court of the new Russia, arrived in Petersburg with the next transport of furniture for the metropolitan elite. This time he was accompanied by a student, a talented young artist who was destined to play a crucial role in the history of Russian art furniture. His name was Henry Gumbs. Prospects for the furniture market "Northern Palmyra" were endless. Living in debt is considered good form, the secular court committed the match vanity, and loans are not counted. For Gambs, like many of his happiest predecessors, it was a good chance to settle in life.

A career as a young man in a while, though, and now, to make two things: money and connections. Regarding the first, Gumbs found an investor in the face of the Austrian merchant Jonathan Ott. On equal footing, they founded a furniture factory in Kalinkina bridge. Factory named 'Ott and Gumbs' But when won the patronage of Henry 'small court' Pavel Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna. Wife of the heir especially fond of mechanics and the decorative arts, said she even took lessons in furniture craftsmanship Gambs, and George Koenig taught her to stone carving, and Leberecht – medal art … Maria Feodorovna was ordered Gumbs Ladies writing desk mahogany and gilt bronze and painted glass, and later played for her master, and a screen-screen, just out of mahogany and bronze.

Plasterboard Ceiling

Most people believe that the finishing work – a lot of very professional. Others thought that the dust and dirt associated with the repair work against their intelligent nature. But from the third hand is not really there are growing or they are just busy with more important matters, such as such as earning money. This is all very well, but will not be a master of carefully and meticulously to approach every inch of your apartment space as you can make yourself by investing in this process all my love and soul. Some people will not begin to repair their own hands simply because they do not have enough knowledge, but it's all fixable. Take, for example, ceiling of plasterboard on the Internet, there are many articles and video tutorials, lots of kinds of instructions on how to properly collect plasterboard ceiling with his hands. You only need one thing from all this set of information to choose a grain of truth, to decide your desired material and power tools, and begin to repair their own hands. It's so easy.

Any suspended ceiling consists of a frame and cladding. Frame consist of directly guiding and supporting elements. Guide elements define the shape of your ceiling, and take on the load-bearing and uniformly on all hanger raspredeoyayut all load and weight of the ceiling. Boarding the ceiling may be different. Sheathing may serve various types of plastic decorative panels, or simply frame sheathed with plasterboard sheet.

It seems at first glance, the ceiling of Drywall is not that difficult to do with their hands. Sheets of drywall with screws attached to a frame of metal profiles for gypsum board. Significantly easier for you to Rabat knowledge of the materials, there is in mind not only knowledge of the material from which it is mounted ceiling of plasterboard, but knowing where and under what conditions should apply this or that element of design. And, of course, knowledge of tools. The better crop metal profile? Of course, scissors, metal will answer you. As for me, for cutting profiles best fit the so-called angle grinders machine – Bulgarian. Unlike scissors, it is not the oppression of the edge profile and cut much faster. Thus, having at its disposal some knowledge of working with elements of the frame, mounting the ceiling with his hands could even become an exciting adventure. After all, suspended ceiling is only constructor, and its capabilities are limited only by your imagination, here you can realize your most ambitious designs. You can create multi-tiered masterpieces of the drywall ceiling, applying it to highlight the most a variety of lighting fixtures. The design of the ceiling plasterboard will hide the pipes, all kinds of electrical communication, ventilation, and hide all the flaws of the existing ceiling in the room.

Motor Show Space

Concepts such as "style" and "image" can be applied not only in terms of clothing or footwear, but also in relation to the interior. Today, the company's image on a par with the quality of products is one of the most important roles in the process of its formation and development of the market. What kind of impression on the company's office makes its customers and partners, and directly affects the impression of the company. Comfortable, functional, well-furnished office largely determines the nature of business relationships between staff members and climate within the company. Modern designers and professionals involved in designing the interior, using increasingly sophisticated technologies for design the interior of offices and commercial premises. Further details can be found at Donald Gordon, an internet resource. New and unusual solutions to help create any atmosphere from a strict, working to an easy and relaxing.

Today to create such effects are actively using materials such as metal, plastic, glass, cleverly placing the emphasis by the scattered and direct light. Increasingly in modern interiors companies are using mirrors, which are known to there is ample opportunity in the design of interior space. They help to visually expand the space, making it taller and lighter. Currently, more and more popular were mirrored ceilings that are set in trading rooms and offices of large companies. They can also be seen in the showrooms, where they not only help to create a particular mood, but also to attract interested customers. In the automotive Salon's attention should be focused less on the interior, as demonstrated by cars. However, this does not mean that the cabin interior is of secondary importance. Its specificity lies in the fact that he should serve as a worthy and beautiful framed art, forming a space so that each car to look impressive and even intriguing. All these tasks are fully able to realize exactly mirrored ceilings that seemed to draw the space, making it the aspiring upwards.