Problem Solving Protracted In The Odessa Region

Who participated in the meeting Odessa Business Club on long-term construction of the Odessa region July 24, 2009 held its first open meeting of the Odessa Business Club, which focused on solutions to the problem long-term construction of the Odessa Oblast. Specifically to participate in this meeting, the company "Meta-Inform" experts have been invited to address the problem of protracted Kiev: Victor Kobylyansky attorney and deputy chief editor magazine "Construction activity" Ivanchenko, Anton. List of participants of the meeting the Business Club of Odessa 07/24/09 Name Position Ulybyshev Konstantin O. CEO of HBC, "French Boulevard" Building " Mikhail A. Dodonov, "French Boulevard – Elite" Construction of resort-recreational complex "Dacha Kovalevsky," Nikolai V.

Suvorov Regional Partner of the Association of private investors in Ukraine Alferov Inna G. Specialist Transport Investment Group "Tiger" Zaikanova Anna N. "Admiral Stroyinvest" lawyer Alexander Seleznev Corporate Manager "Progress Story" Valery Balayan M. President of the Cooperative "Gold Coast" Kobylanski Victor Attorney Ivanchenko Anton Zam. chief editor of "Construction activity" Sinyatinsky Sergey A. Gen. Director of the Odessa regional employers' organization Lysov Sergei gene. Director of consulting company "Business group Sergei Lysova" Lysov Maxim Moderator "Odessa Business Club" Shohov Alexander Moderator "Odessa Business Club" Elena Samoilova Company "architect" media Suslov newspaper "Evening Odessa" Alla newspaper "Odessa Herald" newspaper Komisarenko Svetlana "Odessa Izvestia" Petrov Oleg TC "100%" Elena Milov Just Radio Thursday, Alexander The newspaper "The context of the Black Sea" 2 people TV "Grad", "ART" THE VOICE TV, Zhukova Elena Odessa + Magazine "shows Odessa" At the meeting also was attended by representatives of regional and city authorities (Chief Chief of Capital Construction of Odessa regional state administration Markin Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, Head of capital construction of Odesa City Council Stas, Ivan Hitch) and City Council member Alex Goncharenko.