Sightseeing Adventure

For lovers of tourism adventure, Mendoza result a paradise of alternatives, each one more attractive than the other. Thanks to the topography of the landscape, and the splendid weather conditions that the blessed day after day, the area of which is shown as the best option for the practice of extreme sports. Activities such as climbing, trekking, rafting, horseback riding or doky found in the province of Mendoza an excellent area to develop. The doky is one boat of pneumatic type in the person who travels is accompanied by a guide, who is sitting in the back. The guide is responsible for maintaining the raft in balance for achieves the purpose of the excursion: a unique experience, filled with adrenaline and fun. This activity is the closest to the experience of descending a river on own account. The fact of being seated in the bow, facing the River, makes us feel the impression that we have control of the raft, as long as we enfrenamos all the energy flows.

Apart from demanding some level of skill physical, the doky is an activity of growing excitement. As we traverse the faster with their violent eddies, we have the constant feeling that the possibility of rollover could not be more real. Although this latter can occur with certain ease, not we should worry too much, since the companies that offer this type of service have the best groups of guides, and provide their customers with safety equipment, such as helmets and vests lifeline that meets the most demanding international standards. In addition, tactics and rescue personnel is distributed along the shore to assist crew members immediately in case of any inconvenience. Cuyo rivers offer an indefinite variety of options to make adventure tourism in Mendoza. The doky is only one of them, and promises to deliver the levels of adrenaline and excitement that we look for when it comes to nature and its powerful manifestations face. Nowhere in the world can compare with the amazing region of Cuyo, with its rivers vibrant, its towering mountains and its so cosy climate. So, nothing like the province of Mendoza to spend our vacation and forget about the problems and pressures of the urban world. There is only space for nature and us. Jorge Alberto Guinazu original Autor and source of the article