Shipping Product Sales

Darkness Probably I should call the old fashioned way with reports of the heads of departments Let them decide for themselves whom to fire, whom to recruit Stop! Where the belief that 'clean' place on the professional qualities, and not on the basis of personal likes-dislikes? Then they will have build the evidence base, to appoint a commission on professional suitability. Bunch of fuss a lot of wasted time. We wanted the best, turned out as always. Maybe from the people to hire? Look 'nezamylenny' personal attachments not but obtained in order to reduce personnel costs – we must first increase the costs! Delusions of some kind. And what is the guarantee that after a month or two they do not families and clans? Some kind of vicious circle turns out Where can you find me such an assistant, who would be the most objective and always would remain faithful and true, possessing good analytical thinking Who can I trust the same way as myself? At this point, deserted coffee cup was placed next to the laptop 'Exactly! ! " – Said Sergei Petrovich, – 'Computer, who else can it be objectively? And able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! But the computer itself does not know how to think and works well on the job. So what I need from him? " And on the table, omit the second sheet of blank paper. A minute later it had already cut a wide swath of the business process map 'for sale': Interest in customer sales department, the operator on the phone Order Buyer's Sales, Sales Manager Payment of Accountancy, Accountant Shipping Product Sales, storekeeper is marked on each of the stages of decision-makers (the matrix of responsibility in a nutshell), Sergei Petrovich suddenly stopped writing and thinking: 'In addition, the computer should fix the time of a particular artist at every stage, he needs to fix the number of failures buyers (at each stage) and the causes of failures That's where computer we will have an invaluable service! " Sergei Petrovich decisively introduced in the famous internet search engine the phrase 'business process automation.