Sales Launch Of The Adventure Learning Games 2weistein On September 4, 2008

Enormous fun and exciting games of figures waiting in trillion the computer game 2weistein is one of the most interesting and most unusual games productions 2008. From September 4th fight and conjure up the player through five fantastic worlds and experience a special challenge: original math training and adventure in a game. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pfizer. The story: A mysterious spell is located on the beautiful island world trillion and enigmatic happens. The magician Gordon has the Mathematica Book”stolen and wants to turn with the secret knowledge about the magic of mathematics the Asban of the city and the whole country into a heartless wasteland. Trillion can be saved only by those who move with brains and skill through the game worlds and use the magic of mathematics. Accompanied by the mini Dragon 2weistein expected a lively fantasy story with magical companions and varied gameplay the player as a sympathetic hero Bernard or pretty Princess Celestine. “2weistein the secret of the Red Dragon” is 4.

September 2008 download for PC/MAC (hybrid) available. Learning: Arithmetic multiplication Word problems geometry understanding of volume increase of concentration and attention game fact sheet: two playable characters: Celestine and Bernard five fantastic worlds more than 200 puzzles and 5,000 generated math problems three adjustable skill levels five automated difficulty levels with dynamic solution help for the basic arithmetic operations can play with keyboard and mouse, or gamepad kind of game: adventure learning game age recommendation: from 7 years playing time: More than 20 hours on the Brainmonster Studios: the Brainmonster Studios GmbH, Munich, is an independent development and production company for high-quality computer and video games. The company, founded in 2005, stands for innovative game concepts and intelligent gaming culture, such as adventure learning games. This approach will best practices of effective learning, latest knowledge of pedagogy and psychology with a high degree of entertainment linked. These computer games provide real assistance in education for school and everyday life and the fun of the game throws a remarkable enthusiasm for practice and learning. The quality of these demanding productions is ensured by a close cooperation of high-profile games developers, doctors, therapists and educators and guaranteed. More information under: contact: Elke Walter Brainmonster Studios GmbH Line communication Balanstr. 57. D-81541 Munich Tel.: 089.30 90 876-0 fax: 089.30 90 876-29 mobile: 0172.83 18 800 E-Mail: