Real Estate Borrower Market

One of the main reasons for increasing popularity of mortgages is the impossibility of "catch up" in housing prices. One friend a couple of two years trying to solve the housing problem without using credit. However, just a few days before the required amount to accumulate a modest apartment, the housing market has once again changed and the planned acquisition was postponed until better times. Wait for the fall or at least stagnating real estate prices is futile, especially if you have to periodically give a significant portion of the salaries for the lease in effect someone else's apartment somewhere in a quiet area of the city. The same amount may be paid in the form of monthly payments on a mortgage, but it is for her own apartment. Choose a market to start to define what you really need.

You can take the credit for the purchase of real estate primary or secondary housing market, to buy their own house or building. While out of competition apartment, they account for 90% of all mortgage transactions, and lending houses only gaining momentum. Often not just to make a choice between primary and secondary markets. On the one hand, buying property in the new building, you get a new apartment with a 100% guarantee against rotting wood floors, break the rusty pipes and other "Surprises". On the other hand, the introduction of property rights can be extended, in the worst case and did not take place. Banks recognize the increasing risks, and tend to set higher interest rate for the period until the borrower becomes the legal owner of the acquired property.