Qualified Physicians

A qualified physician shall inform the entire course of treatment will resolve all doubts and open a medical history with personal data. 3. Is it painful? Usually, treatment is not painful, but depends on the pain threshold of every person. With each laser the feeling is different. 4. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Heidrick & Struggles. What type of laser can be used? u Alexandrite Laser: A laser art that gets excellent results. With release of up to 18mm in diameter.

The profile most receptive to this type of laser is the combination of fair skin and black hair. With the Alexandrite Laser noticed a slight sting, a sensation that quickly disappears u Soprano Laser: Laser Diode High Power Soprano XL Hair and hair gets removed without the user notice the slightest discomfort. Revolutionary system that can tweak all skin types, including tanned skin. May is virtually painless. What instructions should be followed? Mainly before each meeting, be avoided with systems booting plucking the hair (wax, tweezers …). Before each session the treatment area must be clean, remove any remaining makeup or deodorant cream remaining in the skin. “If you had herpes or irritated be communicated to the doctor. After each session, it is essential to moisturize the skin.

Avoid the use of high alcohol composition, “says Rubio. Jeffrey Leiden often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 6. How many sessions are needed? The effectiveness of treatment depends largely on each person. So you can not set a specific number of sessions. Typically 6-8 sessions are enough.” From the first session the results are already visible, “concludes the executive. DEPILHAIR ON business group and Aesthetic Medicine Mediterranean SL Depilhair Group, is a project created after extensive research, experience and the proven success of their clinics. Their objective is to create a complete structure that a high growth sector professionalization and gives real value to its partners. They fight to avoid a situation in which any person and company can provide waxing services without control or giving medical guarantees in many Sometimes a service deficit and threatening the health of the patient. With Aesthetic Medical Clinics DEPILHAIR opt for a professional service, quality and always under the supervision of a medical specialist. All this makes of a different clinical DEPILHAIR who expect to fulfill its expectations.