Presidential Administration

C On the other hand, the western vector in Ukrainian politics, government can not ignore, and for good reason. The fact that a large part of the Ukrainian capital today is displayed in the offshore, mainly in Cyprus, where they then spill over into European banks. Therefore, the authorities will do everything possible to avoid the wrath of Europe, even if this presidential administration will have to reduce the pressure on democratic freedoms. Commentary Fund "People First": The problem of the Ukrainian oligarchs that Ukraine for them as a small pond to big fish. During the election campaign they had no choice but to support Viktor Yanukovych, because they thought Yulia Tymoshenko a "great evil". But now the businessmen are aware that their ambitious plans for expansion and "bleaching" of assets prevents the negative background information about government actions and Presidential Administration. Unlike the President, the businessmen are very well aware that in today's world reputation is no less important than wealth and power. West does not invest money in companies that do not trust, and he more and more difficult to deal with Ukrainian companies.

The oligarchs are losing patience. Donetsk businessmen, seeking to remedy the situation, successfully use the services of the International Agency for Public Relations Brussels, representing their interests in the energy sector. Gas monster RosUkrEnergo, which recently has often become the target of attacks, rather than to seek clarification from the Ukrainian community, decided to protect the reputation of a British court. Viktor Pinchuk, a reputation built on charity.