In an American film of series B, a lot of years ago, a Senator aspired to the Presidency of the country against the wishes of his party, which considered him an inept. The hoax that had a dossier on her colleagues had prevented them from stop him until someone finally did it. Then, the frustrated candidate, all haughty, inquired: and if I’m not President, what I can’t devote?, because I don’t know anything. This cruel fabulation was intended to satirize about tangles and fallacies of political life in the United States. But not only there are people obsessed with being President of whatever: up to a community of neighbors, as the funny character that actor Jose Luis Gil in the television series interprets here there is no quien viva.

In another area more brutal, pathetic, the writer Vazquez Montalban novelo the history of Cesar Borja with the barojiano title of Caesar or nothing, showing the twisted and complex tentacles through the family originally from Xativa of the power. These are things, therefore, that one or another scale and with more or less passion have happened in every time and place. Even so, many Camps President’s Party colleagues do not understand his stubbornness in repeating his post with all that is falling; i.e., with the long and exhausting judicial process to which, rightly or wrongly, has been submitted and all attacks received and those still remaining for receiving. Do not understand me says someone who wants it well that someone of his talent and his qualities not already said: you stay there all with your intrigue and your machinations and I devote myself to something else. The margin that the subpoenaed person defends his own political bar with that attitude, not without reason. With the case Gurtel planning over the head of a candidate of both weight and the subsequent allusions to corruption, illegal financing, bribery and other trifles will contaminate the election campaign, not only in the community, but also outside it.

Not to mention that you It could come later, in full election, to Mariano Rajoy if Camps, already re-elected, the bench would or would not be forced to resign. With all this be serious, the worst thing is so hurtarian to the political debate the real issues that concern citizens, beyond the cases of political corruption, real or fictional. In the community we have an unemployment higher than the Spanish average, high rates of public debt, need to regenerate the industrial fabric, difficulties of access to credit, rampant school failure are going to talk about all this our candidates? Will us to offer solutions? Or will enfangar most of the time in this renowned, pathetic and sterile game of you’re more corrupt than me? Of all the evils that us striking, they are not few, the worst of all may be the shift the political debate from the real thing toward the apparent and important towards circumstantial, to put personal issues to collective interests. Original author and source of the article.