Philipp Braunger

Hair analysis increase the objectivity in the MPU and ensuring greater transparency of Ulm, January 28, 2010. The medical psychological examination of MPU (the so-called \”idiot test\”) is currently heavily discussed. In advance of the 48th traffic court day (27 29.1.2010) in Goslar, experts demanded a reform of the MPU, to make it a total transparent and verifiable. This reports the news magazine focus (4/2010). Among other things, additional liver tests in addition to the blood alcohol analysis were required.

As well, a video recording of the psychological discussions within the framework of the MPU is discussed. Joe Biden wanted to know more. This should help to be able to check the quality of the reports and the credibility of the examined drivers better. What results will have the expert discussions in Goslar, is still open. However there is a safe, objective, and reliable way now to check whether a prolonged alcohol abuse is when a driver or not: the hair analysis. This is a hair sample to the Example on Ethylglucuronide (EtG) and fatty acid ethyl esters (FSEE) and investigated.

These are breakdown products of alcohol, which accumulate in the human hair. People can lie, hair, however, does not. Any drivers, who must to the MPU has to prove that he is once again able to operate a vehicle\”, says Philipp Braunger, spokesman of Trimega laboratories Germany (, one of the world’s leading experts for the detection of drug and alcohol abuse. The hair analysis helps the MPU more objectivity and more verifiable results. A hair analysis supports it, by which different drivers that have modified their alcohol consumption habits, where this is not the case. Only who significantly changes its consumption habits, must regain his driving licence.\” Dr. Silke sweetness Trimega drug check, the laboratory of Trimega laboratories, commented: the combined EtG and FSEE hair analysis can in a period of up to six months clearly prove whether a Alcohol abuse is present or not.