Money Africa

The Secret To gain Money in Africa? Part 2 EXPORTING TO AFRICA Point of view of the Brazilians a Brazilian expectation on the form as the things is, or the way as the things would have to be, compose a reference picture that can correspond comparing with a cloudy sky. In Brazil, the Brazilian ones generally know as to interpret and to evaluate the situations, but when it is about Africa, generally they arrive at a wrong conclusion. Due to its lack of familiarity with the African cultures and forms to make businesses. However, Brazilian we are learning to establish a balance favours our also African roots and appreciation and understanding stop with those with who make businesses. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Warren Buffett has to say. The Brazilians respect the other cultures and are solidary with the position of that they are in the other side of the negotiation table. AFRICA MUST Be considered the last border of the enterprise sector. The market in Africa is bigger of what all the together European countries, but for the Brazilian companies, in great part of Africa not yet is found. Here they are some of the reasons: LACK OF WORK OF HOUSE to prevent misfortunes you must make its duty of house very well, with the advent of the Internet, do not have reason for you do not make it and she will be cheaper, efficient and easy.

To study and to learn the basic principles of exportation and to look to the aid of state agencies and managing societies of exportation. Years behind, the basic research was very difficult and custoso, now, only with a click of mouse, the world is a village. To learn, To learn and To learn. INCAPACITY TO LEARN the ENTERPRISE CULTURE Planning; the Brazilians to vender in Africa must first learn the practical local customs and the enterprise ones. Two of more common the business-oriented African traditions are verbal business, that I validate if treating to the domestic commerce to always put the commerce in money instead of credit. IMPERFECTION TO ADAPT the PRODUCT In some cases, in way that more will be adjusted to the African norms, Brazilian manufacturers must make modifications in its products.

Electronic products, for example, demand modifications, therefore tensions in the majority of the African countries differ from the tensions of the Brazilian standard. ANXIETY Brazilian likes to think that they can simply visit Africa in one or two weeks of trip business-oriented and get orders of purchase of dollar millions, Africa is a continent in slow rhythm, men of business and the people never have haste. If you to wait to close an agreement during one short visit, you go to be disappointed. Note: It is a good idea to visit the country that you are interested in negotiating and making the local recognition. It is enough to visit and it confers. It can save much money and migraine. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning.