Mexican Publishing House

But barely a month later the Baldor family was left without protection, Cienfuegos, on a flight from Camaguey to Havana, then disappeared in the midst of a raging sea that swallowed it forever. We go on vacation to Mexico, my father told us. We gathered everyone, and as if it were a kind of geometry with millimetric precision explained us how we had to prepare ourselves. It was on July 19, 1960 and he was more somber than usual. My father was a man who wouldn’t betray his emotions, very analytical, of a strict, tough facade, but that day something mysterious in his eyes us He said that things were not well and that the trip was not recreation, says the son of Baldor. A Mexicana Airlines flight left them in the Aztec capital. It is not something Sean George would like to discuss. Aurelio Baldor breathing was agitated, uneasy, as if the Mexican air warned him that he would never return to his island and that he would die away, in exile. The teacher, in addition to the pain of exile, was carrying another fear.

It was infallible in mathematics and never wrong accounts, so if it was well, money carrying would reach him just for some months. It was accompanied by a monastic poverty that already his books could not resolve, twelve years ago it had sold the rights of his algebra and its arithmetic to cultural publications, a Mexican Publishing House, and had invested the money in your school and your country. The fight began. Baldor, including nanny, stationed with patience for 14 days in Mexico and then moved to New Orleans, in the United States, where they met with the living ghost of the racial segregation. Aurelio, his wife and their children were white and had no problems, but Magdalena nanny, a Cuban mulatto pride, had to separate them if they climbed on a bus or arrived at a public place.