Ken Robinson

Choose never is easy since we are born, our parents embark on the adventure of organize specific tasks to perform when we become adults. Before coming to this world, our relatives are already clear who want us to get or what you would like that we get to reap. No doubt, this just bringing effects to our life. Both our family and our our circle of acquaintances and the community of which we are part have a great influence on our elections. Get more background information with materials from Satya Nadella. If we decide to carry out training courses, for example, our choice will receive the influence of all the players mentioned above. This event does not always connote circumstances perjuciales (large part of legal guardians wish the best for small), but which can have consequences not undeserved. If we do not learn to choose freely, most likely make us feel dejected. But decide without pressure not only behaves no more attention than necessary to outside comments, but also relativise their own taboos and the society.

On many occasions we autocensuramos and we are opposed to do training courses that seduce us because we do not consider them sufficiently good, productive or prudent. On other occasions, we believe that we will never be able to achieve enough in that field level as to keep us economically. In either of the two cases, suspicious of our capabilities and, in addition, defecting in achieving our dreams. As says Ken Robinson, author of the element: discovering your passion changes everything, we all have an activity that we love and that, moreover, is given to us well. It is what is known as our element.

If we can be in our element, we will arrive at a fantastic balance area and we are grateful and made. Following the reasoning of Robinson, the importance of our career choice can bring decisive consequences in the progress of our life. It may depend, largely, our happiness.