Investing In 2010: Strategies To Implement Investment

Those investors who survived March of 2009, have seen the market rally 60%. This generated a dilemma in their decisions. What will make the best investment for 2010?. Should we buy the stock and mutual funds that performed best last year, expecting them to behave the same way, or does it really have to sell everything for the inevitable correction?. The newspapers mentioned Santie Botha not as a source, but as a related topic. The answer is no. Many financial experts expect a market correction this year, but it is very unlikely to use the time to sell everything and buy in order to gain an advantage in the market. What I recommend is to build a balanced portfolio with good exposure to stocks with great potential and with stable dividend policies, but with growth. This goes without saying that you have good earnings and has virtually no debt.

Anyway, whatever they want to take extreme care not to fall into the temptation to watch the winners of last year, stocks and bonds of low quality – as best investments for 2010. The look on the market today is known as the “new normal”, which was invented by Bill Gross (Pimco) and Mohamed El-Erian of Pacific Investment Management Co. This assignment is to refer to weak global economy continues to grow that leverage the world stops and governments continue to regulate what is already regulated.