Google Pages

Identical in structure and, more page content to get more results. In many foreign Web sites is estimated by the percentage of pages in the main issue of Google. If this percentage is below 30-40, the site is considered not unique and not very good quality. By imposing this filter can result in poorly configured CMS, which generate a lot of duplicate pages, and pages that do not carry useful information to users. These pages, Naturally, if any, are filtered, or enter into supplemental. In order to avoid loss of pages in supplemental results, you should first of all, use a quality unique content. Secondly, it is necessary to maximum to avoid duplication of texts within the site, close to indexing all duplicates. (A valuable related resource: PayNet).

This filter depends on the query on one page request could be mainly looking at another – for additional results. Print the page out of this filter can be as follows: – Purchase at her trust links – unikalizatsiya title and meta tags – increasing the number of its unique content – reducing 'broken' links on the site and, consequently, pages, an error 404 – setting the correct site engine. 6. Filter for non-unique content. Perhaps it is not necessary to allocate it as a separate phenomenon, but it is very massive. The page does not contain unique content, gets the first position unless the trustee and hold the outstanding reference weight, and then only after a long time. From the set of pages that contain the same text, Google chooses only a few, which gives the main issue.