First Standard ESD-disposable Foot Protection

Small spark great damage: novel product protection against electrostatic charge! Braunschweig, December 8, 2010 the Kroschke sign international GmbH has a new disposable uberziehschuh with antistatic properties developed and boots. The work products to prevent damage and contamination with electrostatic charge. Worldwide, they meet the legal requirements and relevant DIN standards as first antistatic disposable foot protection without direct physical contact. Innovative uberziehschuh and boots protect against ESD damage ESD sensitivity (Engl.: unpacking discharge) of objects or substances represents a relevant production problem in many sectors of industry, the high annual costs. On the market there are already many technical solutions for machinery and equipment. So far lacked in the area of an effective disposable shoe cover, which features antistatic properties protect Workwear against dirt in your workspace and the statutory provisions for hazardous activities and ESD areas corresponds to. For these requirements Kroschke has now brought a novel ESD disposable uberziehschuh and boots in cooperation with a leading pharmaceutical company on the market. First standard ESD protection-money companies with particularly sensitive and hazardous work areas can use the new ESD-protection: the new disposable uberziehschuh and boots in addition to the conventional ESD safety shoes held.

Through the antistatic properties of the new product the carrier no longer recharge. Prevents an incendive electrostatic discharge of person. In addition, provides adequate chemical protection of ESD uberziehschuh and boots, protects the environment from contamination by the footwear, is lint-poor and robust, usable depending on the load several times and has a non-slip sole. The ESD product meets the requirements of TRBS 2153, DIN EN 61340-4-3, VDE 0300-4-3, EN ISO 20345, BGR 132 and EN 1149-2. Despite all these product innovations succeeded Kroschke, to be able to offer the ESD marked disposable foot protection when compared with similar products at a good price.

Free samples order interested companies can request a pattern of the ESD shoe covers shoe and-stiefels free at or phone 0531/318-318 and learn about other antistatic products work under. Electrostatic discharge caused production problems known to be people charged electrostatically, for example by running on a carpet. But at 3,000 volts, the discharge is uncomfortable for people. But only 5 volts are sufficient to destroy microelectronic components. In addition, that such defects can be detected often significantly later in the production chain. Also pollution by ESD is a manufacturing problem: because of electrostatic charges he cling to dust, particles or lint on the staff, the substances and materials forwards. Such product contaminants cause high quality defects, which must be avoided in sensitive areas such as in pharmaceutical laboratories, in electronics cleanrooms or in food processing. Work the mark of Kroschke for personal protective equipment work products are tested by the Kroschke lab as well as by independent institutes such as TuV, BG Prufzert and Fresenius. Only when a product consists of all quality requirements, standards criteria and extensive wearing tests, it is absorbed in the work’s product range. Their requirements or legal basis, in the meantime changed the product is adapted. Thus, Kroschke its users guarantees a permanently high level of quality for an optimal price and performance ratio.