Finance Ministry

Less bureaucracy, tax incentives, facilities for obtaining credit and support for internationalization, are the main measures of the new law of the entrepreneur the Government is preparing the Government. Very soon will be list a new company only to have Internet connection and a credit card. This reduction in formalities for the creation of enterprises is one of the measures the Government contemplated in the future law of entrepreneurs. Which is expected to materialize in the first quarter of the year. In addition to a speedily for the start-up of a business, the regulations would include mechanisms to improve funding and access to credit, among other plans., the website for the creation of company created by the Ministry of finance and public administration, which responds to many of the needs of those who want to start a business. is the one-stop shop that provides all the information about the necessary procedures for the creation of new businesses, in only three clicks. The Finance Ministry also shuffles the application of tax incentives for entrepreneurial activities.

4. Basic points of the new law on entrepreneur. The Government envisaged in the planned law on entrepreneurs a series of measures to facilitate the financing and encourage would-be entrepreneurs to have capital to build their business: 1 – promotion of business angels networks: this type of private investors, not so well known in Spain but if in other developed countries, will feature tax incentives that affect income taxA tax of societies, heritage, inheritance, property transfer and documented legal acts. 2. Other common forms of financing: sets the creation of a venture capital seed with mixed financing, i.e., public and private. This line of credit will go to help entrepreneurs with innovative projects, both to give them support to business management. 3 Promotion of microcredit: the Government It will establish each year a destined for microcredit amount managed through Enisa (national company of innovation). These amounts shall be aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses in less than three years and that are not intended to refinance the business.

Microcredit will promote for women, youth and people with disabilities. The law, in addition, will establish bases so that growth companies can attend suitable sources of financing, such as venture capital. 4. Capitalize the provision by unemployment: this possibility is established provided that the beneficiary wish to set themselves up as self-employed or want to participate as a partner in a new firm. Reshma Kewalramani has plenty of information regarding this issue. EUGO is the single point of contact to help businessmen and entrepreneurs to obtain information about the options available for the home and starting up its business activity.