Everyone Gets Off His Fat: Humorous Guide To Weight Loss

Who the traditional diet and nutrition is just so tired of the weight loss comes with the book “Everyone gets off his fat” easily. The book focuses on the factors emotion and amusement, if, for example in one of 22 chapters called “Go shopping always hungry”. We speak, written in line with the recently deceased author, Paul Watzlawick, a guide to get fat, which brings the reader in a humorous way his fault close and concrete recommendations for action shows. Most overweight people lack awareness of their bodies. You do not eat enough foods that are good for them is Brigitte Vincent sure who has the book together with the well-known medical journalist and behavioral experts Markus written Vieten. Obesity is more than a cosmetic problem and can not be fought by a short dietary phase. Rather, it is necessary to change a lifetime of living and diet. Many people also need just more relaxed, and aPhD thesis at the University Hospital Aachen, could also prove: Through the learning and performing daily autogenic training to melt the pounds. Excerpts from the content: 1 Go shopping always hungry! 2. Avoid any form of physical exercise! 3. Eat quietly, we’re having surgery! 4. You belittle everything that you eat it! 5. Talk to a that you are drsenkrank and have inherited your excess weight! 6. Do you eat throughout the day as high-fat foods! 7. Occupy your mind while eating off! 8. Eat fast! 9. Stay away from fruit, vegetables and water! 10. Chew little and you prefer soft foods! The book takes up issues that people have to eat, and gives many tips to solve these problems. In each chapter follow the section “Seriously …” hints, tips and tricks to cope more easily with the situation. Obese do not need first and foremost a diet but a lifelong process, the emotional appeals and a change of consciousnessleads. More body awareness is the motto for a leaner future, says Sven-David Mller Nothmann concluded. Bibliographic Data: Everyone gets off his fat, Sven-David Mller-Nothmann/Markus Vieten, DTV, ISBN 3-423-34161-0, 7.90 euros Editorial Service: review-copies can be requested under. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The CEC is a group of nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and other natural and social scientists.