Deja Easy

Candy even made – a pleasure! Again, you want to experience a delicious childhood memory in your own home? Our cotton candy machine gives you a Deja vu of a special kind. Enjoy the taste of freshly prepared candy at home in your own four walls. If you now want to spend an authentic movie night with the new flat-screen TV and your favorite movie or at the birthday children show how easy and fast is something delicious like candy floss lets create our cotton candy machine helps you. Incidentally, even really big sugar watten succeed with the extra-large bowl. Four suction feet provide stability during preparation. Making a candy is in the truest sense of the word, simply in the blink of an eye. Machine turn on, wait until the correct operating temperature is reached and it can go: Add sugar and already you can see how beautiful candy floss is produced.

“Particularly well suited to on children’s birthday to spells”. The children will be amazed. “Still a very special tip: even small amounts of food color, bring color” to your candy. Our cotton candy machine is easy to use and also again easy to clean after use.