But Newell

There was no case, the tie did not arrive for the drill, nor for leprosy. If you are not convinced, visit Citibank. And at age 14, Palermo nailed another dagger to the only leader. Center passed, Paletta returns shipment to the center of the area and by the second stick Titan appeared to touch right and convict Boca 2-0. Expectation in the Colossus, and the third pan of the Bombonera total discomfort. Banfield fans knew that with two goals from Newell s the title would be for Rosario.

But Newell s not reacted. Without ideas and full of urgencies you collided with the cyclone defense led by Aguirre, and Migliore, attentive, he remained with each Center to the area. Contra, San Lorenzo finished with the illusions of his rival. At 22, the Uruguayan Pintos overflowed by right, Center back and Bordagaray goal. The 2-0 at Rosario resurrected the fans of Banfield began to celebrate the first championship in their history with a cry of alien goal. In the field of game Banfield players seemed to be delivered. Exhausted from fighting in an exhausting tournament.

The only thing that was left was to wait expect Newell s not perform a miracle and will mark three goals. And wait for time to pass to be able to unleash the frenzied celebration. In the end 2-0 was installed in La Boca and Rosario. The two candidates lost the last date. But the drill had that advantage that gave him agony triumph over Tiger and the help of Arsenal. The drill had two points more than they were which finally allowed him to celebrate. A cry of champion atragantado for more than 100 years that cut wind to the South, until the Florencio Sola where the village of Banfield woke up from a dream that had become reality. Banfield is the new King of Argentine football. Source: clarin.com / author article, javier original author and source of the article