Agents Seguroo Intermediates

a Reinsurer. – Takes charge, in whole or in part, a risk already covered by another insurer, without altering agreed between it and the insured. a Agents Seguroo Intermediates. – List of Brokers dependence. – Independent.

Ensures interests. Donald Gordon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. They work for several insurance companies. i, taker. – (Art. 988) policyholder is the person who, on behalf and on behalf of a third contract with the insurer to cover risks.

If the policy contract for others, when expressly declared should stop is employed and meet the requirements of the contract, except those which by their nature be met by the insured. Eg life insurance, medical. (Art. 997) Actually according to doctrine, the policy is the contract on behalf of itself and third parties. When you hire their own behalf and on their own, the party is the policyholder and insured at a time. i, Insured. – (Art. 987) is the person exposed to the risks stipulated contractually assumes obligation to pay the premium and acquires the right to receive or your beneficiary, restitution or compensation for damage or loss covered. The insured is the owner of the insured. i, Beneficiary. – A person who is entitled to such compensation, benefit under the conditions specified in the policy and the respective contract. Has direct action against the insurer when the insured dies and gives up its right automatically. (Art. 987, 1128, 1129) or object i, the insured risk. – (Art. 980, 983) Risk is (or can) the uncertain event can produce a loss or economic damage and that, if occur, and be assured, it required the insurer’s obligation.