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That's how he explains this passage of 6-year-old child: "If the angels as much as men and, hence, the angels – that women, too. Therefore, a woman can be an angel. And a woman – that the Prophet, and God '. When she talks about Jesus Christ, her concern is not that all – that God the father sent his son to death. 'What's it like she was! " – "Who?" – 'The Mother of Jesus. " When Lana had a dream that she should receive the same kind of Israeli Church of the Holy Book Rector, dug the entire library of the church. That book was not. Perhaps check out Jeremy Tucker for more information. And the priest, too.

Remembered that it was once the temple was, and brought him down, an old. Lana recognize him. But in the place where her dream was passage leading to the library, was a wall. With some difficulty received permission to cut through it. Over the course of the wall was opened in an old warehouse, where hoary with age Rector found that book. 'Indigo Children' is considered dangerous for them hunt Church security services, show business now, when civilization on the planet in jeopardy, it seemed to worked security code, and those children born in all continents, more and more. Just like any war is an advantage in born boys. But this raises another problem – who can nurture these unusual children, to teach them? In whose hands they would be if their own parents are sometimes afraid to? Such an unusual child, most likely, simply zakormyat or slain agents, reducing hyperactivity, which is usually inherent 'indigo children'. Or place in a specialized institution under tight pressure settings and teacher dies prescribing certain rules of child behavior. Specially created to work with these children, organizations have yet to conceal their activities, because apart from the special services for such children hunt, Representatives of various religious faiths, businessmen from show business.


About Fraunhofer

The time was used to design a detailed business concept and write a business plan. In cooperation with Fraunhofer venture were identified strengths and weaknesses revealed. The financing concept need for developing has been designed, associated applications to the proper funding and appropriate risk capital. For example, funding for the Federal Ministry for education and research, as well as with the Association of industrial research associations are Otto von Guericke”e.V. requested. Close interaction of Fraunhofer institutes and the venture work parallel started developing products, a step that is only possible in close cooperation with customers. At a start-up that quickly from industry and research departments to establish contacts to potential first customers. Pinterest has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Here the toothing of the Fraunhofer-venture team made with the individual Fraunhofer institutes positive impact. Especially Prof. Dr. Ralf Wehrspohn, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for mechanics of materials IWM, supported the founders with expertise and helped to establish first contacts with companies. Many hurdles have been successfully taken until now.

Now the founding team in the private sector must demonstrate the special feature of its product portfolio. The close contact to Fraunhofer venture will remain; the participation models are designed for a long-term cooperation. The expected proceeds of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft flow over a profit-sharing to fund further research in the field of nano technology. About Fraunhofer venture: The Fraunhofer venture is a partner of founders, startups, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. The range of services of Fraunhofer venture includes the complete support and advice from the idea until the founding of the company. The spectrum covers the areas of creation, technology, financing and investment management. The team sees itself as a point of contact for those who are looking for innovative technologies, support, and marketing. The venture team consists of experts from the business and contracts. This will complement the existing technological competence of scientists.