European Union

On an open account to deposit the sum of the authorized capital of 200 000 czk (8000 eur at the time of writing) and the banker’s confirmation of the existence of the account. Registration of legal entity after the All required documents shall City Court in Prague, if the registered company address is located in Prague. If the domicile is located in another city Czech Republic, then there exists a branch of the Court, in which you can implement this procedure. All documents submitted for registration must be certified by a Czech notary. Examination of documents and registration of a new legal entity occurs within seven working days. Obtaining documents for registration is by mail, write out the firm comes to the legal address of the firm. After receiving the registration document must be made within 30 days appeal to the tax office in order area to which the address of the firm.

Submit the application for tax registration of the new entity. All of the above procedures may carry on the general power of attorney to your executor or representative. Registration of legal entity allows a foreign citizen is the founder and director, to begin the procedure of registration: 1. Granted a temporary residence in the Czech Republic (in the departments of consulates Czech Republic) 2. Registration of a legal entity mortgage loan at the bank the Czech Republic. 3. Registration of a legal person purchased property. 4.

Making the legal entity of commercial (business) loans and credits. Registration at the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Medicare businesses and founders of the company allows us to obtain insurance (the insurance company VZP) that allows a full medical and operational service in the Czech medical facilities and to provide pensions for the old age of those individuals with a wage that will be permanent expulsion. There is a legal entity in the Czech Republic possible to issue a license (s) on the required form (s) of activity and start a business. Device to work to the Czech employer may by contract between the employer and your by granting the employee (s) of any specialty. Obtaining a residence permit. Multivisa (type D, 65) decorated on the basis of existing on the territory of the Czech legal entity, allowing its extension in compliance with laws and regulations of the country for two years, and provided residence for more than five years can apply for permanent residence in the Czech Republic – multivisa for 10 years. Need Note that any acquisition of status of residence in the Czech Republic, foreign citizens can get him and his close relatives (children, parents, spouses). Possibilities of movement in the European Union with Czech multivisa open boundaries of any State, both for business and for leisure and tourism. Registration of a legal entity with the necessary set of documents is time-from five to 10 working days. Your possible without the presence of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic, on the basis of their powers by signing a Power of Attorney. Obtain legal advice on registration procedures clearance, you can ask questions via e-mail company lawyer Prague Lion, the visiting company’s office or study independently at the company’s website, a section of the website “news” articles editor of the company are set out necessary aspects of registration of foreign nationals doing business and living in the Czech Republic. We hope that the experience of the company, the experience of our clients, the personal experiences of employees can help you responsible decision-making, at registration and further accommodation in the Czech respublike.Vsego you good and good luck.

Myth Estate

Many people believe that speculation in real estate (in other words, buy at a lower price and sell at a premium) is a good way to achieve financial freedom. It happens that people who persistently come to this way, earn good money. But, in my opinion, it is too difficult and risky. We will understand why this is happening? In the case of acquisition of real estate we call the bank to get cash. The interest rate on credit will increase with decreasing initial payment, because it is the bank takes over most of the risk of the loan. own/’>Harold Ford Jr. Subject to the passing of property to rent, most (maybe all) of the profits will go to debt repayment.

As a result, we have not left any funds to carry out works on modernization of real estate or even to repair if something suddenly breaks down. Under this option, the steps, you to make money, bet on Change the value of your property, not on any action aimed at the modernization of real estate in order to increase your cash flow. Can only wait and hope that the market will grow and your property increase in price. But, as we said in "The Myth of Property 2", the value of the value of your property will be controlled only if you can work on the dimensions coming from its cash flow. In this case, such an effect is excluded. Even if you guessed right, and the real estate market went up, the sale of the property will have to pay a considerable tax rate of 20%. And as you may have already mentally count, this is a large amount of which not everyone is ready to leave.

After all, according to the law no tax is charged only if the immovable property was in your possession for over 3 years. In our country the practice option when property is sold very modest amount, the remaining money goes to bypass the basic contract for the sale of real estate. This is done to reduce tax payments. Ensure that you get the entire amount is also disappearing due to the lack of it the main contract.