Euro Finals

This will be the euro’s mobile phones. And the official implementation of Betfair Euro Finals on Euro 2012 is now available for iPhone. It is an application focused on usability and navigation, intended to make betting easier still. McKesson takes a slightly different approach. The app is simple, very complete and truly comfortable to use, designed for those who may not be all the time in front of a computer. There will also be a place for statistics and the prior of all parties, as well as many more articles of analysis on the competition.

Main features of Euro Finals – all the usual options of Betfair: Back and lay, depth of market, graphics. -Combined bets. -The function my bets displays only bets for Euro 2012. -Quick links for deposits and key markets. -Share your application by email, sms or twitter. -Clock countdown of the start of the competition. -Available in Spanish, English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish and Danish.

The Field

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