SPAR Supermarkets

Since 2009, Miquel Alimentacio started the development of its plan for expansion of SPAR by Spain, the presence of the flag in Spain’s 34 provinces in which the Group has the operating licence, has not stopped growing. And it has done so on the basis of a very clear and certain parameters. Miquel Alimentacio SPAR supermarkets are ideal for families or households that need cover the purchase daily or weekly all kinds of consumer goods and fresh produce items. In this sense, in the shops, a wide range of articles are presented in different formats. The offer that wants to develop SPAR is an urban supermarket of proximity. Another distinctive feature is the strong commitment by the own brand, with 1,450 references SPAR products which will provide around 50% of the stores offer. Another distinctive feature is the strong commitment by the white mark, with more than 1,500 references SPAR products that represent around 50% of the stores offer. SPAR and Miquel Alimentacio Grup SPAR franchise is one of the main fields of business of Miquel Alimentacio Grup.

It’s a business model of vertical franchise started in October 2009. To meet the goal: open 500 new stores in 5 years in 34 provinces of Spain. This objective will allow doubling the company’s presence. The challenge of Miquel Alimentacio Grup is implement a vertical franchise keys in hand and offer a comprehensive service delivery, management and commercial support, accounting and administration to its franchisees SPAR. Expansion project as he has been mentioned, the ultimate goal is to open 500 new stores SPAR until 2015. At the moment, forecasts for the next four years speak of a gradual increase in the annual openings until reaching 330 establishments in 2013 the franchise model Miquel Alimentacio by SPAR’s bid is based on four pillars that make it especially attractive to franchisees: it is profitable, is safe, is economical and is easy to manage.