Dimplomatic Hotels

Looking for hotels in Mendoza? The decision is made. Mendoza is the chosen destination. Its fantastic natural environment makes it the ideal destination for lovers of the outdoors activities. Its endless, fast flowing rivers, creeks and lagoons allow amateur fishermen to devote himself to the river fishing: salmon, catfish, plated, smooth, all species that await the arrival of fishermen to perform one of the noblest sport practices in abundance. Mendoza also offers a special appeal as a city. It has a special between classic and modern blend. A part of the city has entered fully into the 21st century, with business, shopping and shopping malls.

But the historical part, with its restored houses, its museums and cobblestone streets seem to the set of a film set in the 17TH century. It’s complete, changing and surprising is the city of Mendoza. It was time to search for hotels in Mendoza. Such travel, one of the most beautiful areas in the world deserves a first line hotel, a place where already be is guarantee of ultimate pleasure experience. Luxury, magnificence, refinement. Thats what it means Diplomatic Park Suites. Hotels in Mendoza, the Dimplomatic is that best represents the spirit of European hotels. There are no more Mendoza hotels designed with the same care.

From the moment in which the passenger enters the lobby, is a spectacular foyer with double height, with floors entirely clad in marble, and an impressive chandelier, unique in the country. Furniture style, brought in especially for the Diplomatic, and its fine interiors clad in marble and wood, express all the sumptuousness that Mendoza hotels cannot offer. The Diplomatic Hotel has as goal to the passenger experience is spectacular, from beginning to end. For example, you can go to their activities in the open air, but upon returning, the motion Health Club and Spa awaits you. A paradise for descontracturarse, relax and let expert hands to put every muscle in place. Then, the passenger can go swimming at the fantastic swimming pool and solarium on the upper floors. From here a spectacular of the city view, will appreciate as there is no hotels in Mendoza that may be offered. There are no hotels in Mendoza that can guarantee the total experience of satisfaction that the passenger will be, as does the Diplomatic Park Suites. Its staff, specially trained in the hospitality industry, is ready to assist you, all day, every day in three different languages. There are no other hotels in Mendoza that can offer a service of superior quality as the of the Diplomatic Park Suites and Tower.