All of this madness lasts about six hours: from about 22.00 to 4.00, but the time frame in this case – the thing rather conditional, since it all depends on how quickly the team will cope with the tasks. At the end of the game each team receive points, which later develops rating, and winning team receives prize. Photography is given several tasks (5-10), it is necessary to make the most creative and high quality photography, time is not counted. Complete freedom of imagination. Games are usually daily. Photos estimated professional judges or by the teams.

PhotoExtreme to fix a photo acute, extreme moment. Requires strict compliance with the terms of the content of the frame job. The quality of the image not evaluated. The team quickly than others, and as accurately fulfilled all tasks. Brainstorming participants solve puzzles and answer questions without getting up from the computer: no jobs in the real world is unnecessary. The game begins for all participants simultaneously, but may be available for passage, and after completion. In fotoigrah and brainstorming usually involved teams from different cities and even countries. It all depends on how interesting theme of the game players ..

Who are the players and why do they play? Ironically, the main contingent of participants of interactive urban games – not students. Most of this middle-class people aged 25-30 years, less than – anyone – students, business owners, secretaries, journalists and executives. List of professions can continue indefinitely. In fact – belongs to a particular social class, position and profession does not have in-game value.