What You Should Know Before Taking The Project Book To The Printers

Today it has become fashionable for people to write and publish their books. How much will it cost? People who want to publish a book asking this question in the first place. It’s a simple question, but does not have lung answer. It’s like asking how many home is worth. Who can give a definite answer, most likely you will be asked leading questions: “Do you want a house had two stories or one? 3 bedrooms or 2? Basement or attic? Brick or wood? “Just as the house price, the cost of your book depends on a dozen or more variables. To estimate the costs of publishing, you should consult with local centers of printing. Get information about the publication of the book, at least among the three companies, as prices can vary greatly. Before you can bring your project in the printing, you need to know three important facts about your manuscript: 1. Exactly how many pages (bands) in the manuscript. You must take into account the finished project, including mock-ups pages of photographs, entry pages and applications. 2. Approximately how many books you want to print (ie, circulation). 3. Think about the type and quality of paper, font size and style, the number of photos. All these factors will included in the cost of printing the book. Spend some time browsing the books in libraries or bookstores to take some ideas about what you want, namely, the exterior design. You write a book for reading, so this book should appeal to readers. Most of the commercial books in bookstores are well designed and therefore attractive to the reader. Cover should be attractive to the reader’s eye. For example, the fine print on the page margins are too difficult for the average view for comfortable reading. Use large fonts normal width. When asked to use high-quality printing paper. Standard sheets will become dirty and worn out. Be generous with your photos. People usually look for pictures in the books before they read words. Black and white pictures, not worse, than color, and much cheaper. Photos can be scattered throughout the text, or collected in a separate section in the middle or end of the book. However, photographs should be used to illustrate the narrative, rather than detract from it. Too many photos randomly scattered throughout the text can distract the reader, causing to lose interest in narrative. If you create a digital version of your manuscript, make sure to scan the photos selected parameters at least 300 dpi. If you have a lot of pictures, this will add little to the cost of books. Thus, we can summarize that the price of printing the book often depends on: 1) the number of bands (pages) in a block of the book, 2) the color of the block and cover, 3) the number of publications (circulation), 4) quality of the paper (density, gloss or matte), 5) colorful cover (stamping, laminating, etc.), 6) method of binding (soft or hard).



Flat moving, as any move at all, requires relocating the maximum attention, patience and effort, not so much physical as moral. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Donald Gordon. Just head is spinning: how to organize, pack, do not break and did not forget. But perhaps the main feature of an apartment move, if I may say so, types, kinds and dimensional diversity of transported property, ie, the abundance of quantitative and qualitative variety of large, medium and small items, knick-knacks and , items and predmetikov, all sorts of stuff and accessories that are not subject to accurate classification, but are subject to mandatory carriage on the new habitat. In this case, all this abundance of personal needs, as a rule, higher degree of care and attention. It is understandable – all his own, dear, beloved, dear heart. Of course, the first and most important – properly prepare for the move.

To transportation of furniture, personal belongings and other property was successful you first need all this accurately and reliably sort out, equip and pack. And do not forget to mark where everything is absolutely identical in appearance packaged items. For example, using tape or bright colored markers. It would be nice to make a mark on the packaging informative, such as: glassware, books, etc. And best of all glued or pinned to the box or bag of short description of the contents. Believe me, worth the candle. The more thorough and detailed you rassortiruete and skomponuete things in the old place on the characteristic features, such as: the form and type, belonging to the site and / or family member, the degree of immediate need, being wanted, the degree of transportability, etc., the simpler, easier and more pleasant you will not disassemble, arrange and lay out all this after the fact apartment move by taking away as much if not physical, then the nervous forces.

For example: clothing – outerwear for the season, casual / work clothes, home wear, lingerie, books – fiction, special, baby, magazines, textiles – kitchen, bedroom, interior. and etc. etc. In addition, the inevitable move apartments – a great opportunity to finally make an audit of accumulated good result which will most likely have some, and perhaps significantly minimizes future troubles. In the end, you should be able to part with unnecessary things, it expands the living space, and frees up the positive life energy.