Dejame Llorar With You

if your eyes cry by a pain that to your soul it imprisons, I leave I take that pain, that as much pain causes to you, leaves I I absorb your pain that in my interior is lost by always, leaves your chains in my shoulders, that I by you will take, them far so that they cannot never return, allows soul to absorb your pain and darte in return the freedom and a slight soul but so that you can fly, leaves in my arms surrounds to you while your soul you relieve dropping of your small eyes Rep them, will swallow your pain to me, will take your pains to me, will take the life to me if of your anguish I cannot alejarte, djame to cry with you, and cries here, in my arms, aferrate skin, while tear your anguish, Contained in my book " Of my expression particular" Original author and source of the article.