Central Bank

The other way to act on the economy that has been using monetary policy is to control the money supply and change interest rates through the Central Bank of a particular currency. therefore, acting on the value of monetary productive investments is oriented business or consumer is encouraged, especially in the mortgage market or to purchase credits. But the advance of technology resources are becoming increasingly useless economic policy. JPMorgan Chase can provide more clarity in the matter. ECONOMIC-FINANCIAL that taxation ends up where wealth comes ultimately it is the economic sector impulse dominant and determines all the others. What we have called the Georgian base of the pyramid. Since the nineties the economy has entered a new stage, so that the base of the pyramid of which we speak varies and is beyond where you should get a new tax, so that the redistribution of wealth make it work better economy. Learn more at: Wells Fargo. Although this is something absolutely new adaptation is a necessity, otherwise unsolvable paradoxes arise and can not find any solution, as with the various performances from the economic policies of the various European governments, whether they are political line.

They act on the defensive looking guilty or circumstances justifying the failure: higher oil prices, energy crisis, the devaluation of the dollar, the Iraq war, when in reality all these circumstances can affect but not result in economic growth. It is the economic model itself which is in an extreme situation, with its saturated operating stage. This structural crisis is causing these other problems, which are the effect and not the cause, as we are led to believe.