BookRix Go – Free E-books

BookRix provides E-book readers over 8000 free download available Munich, in July 2009. The fastest-growing German book community extends its range of services for all portal users with the EPUB E-book format. Self-authored works for E-readers and Smartphones as a download can be offered now. While BookRix with EPUB opts for an open E-book format, that is currently readable on virtually all mobile devices. Given the current development in the market for E-books and the no longer-lasting feeder of mobile reading devices in our everyday lives, particularly among the younger target group, which is the next logical step for us”says BookRix founders Gunnar Siewert. Ultimately, mobile readers will play a similar role in the book industry as it did the MP3 player in the music.

You will provide massive upheavals.” Easy and free E-books create and read this offering BookRix differentiates itself from similar book portals and providers. Authors can quite simply your own E-books create and spread, while users of mobile reading devices in the BookRix library have already now more than 8,000 works for free download. Entertaining entertainment for travelling are mainly short texts. Therefore text genres will prevail in the area of mobile reading in the long term more like short stories and short novels. And exactly this is provided on BookRix maintains. “, complements BookRix founder Alex Racic. BookRix offers you good prospects for E-reader and Smartphone users, because with this new feature free access to thousands of E-books.

Via Ferrata And Climbing Tours Adventure Holidays In Bavaria

Climbing on rock reefs and dolomite needles in the Bavarian Jura Steinberg/Muscat/hirschau/Germany. The hardest climbing routes of in Germany can be found in the Western Bavarian Jura in the Franconian Upper Palatinate border region. With its rocky reefs and dolomite needles, the region attracts the best climbers in the world. Cracks, chimneys, walls, edges and overhangs allow less experienced Kraxler but also the heart”beat. A very worthy goal is the environment of Konigstein, where the banks or the rocks around the cow hole form numerous routes. You can find rocks in the wild romantic surroundings with innumerable climbs to the Steinberg or the Dachlwand in the Lauterach Valley.

The beautiful climbing Schonhofen, approx. 20 km west of Regensburg offers many tours in the moderate range. A classic is here the diagonal path on the Laber-Valley wall. On the climbing block, whose touring have so funny names like Hickey or April Fool’s joke, children aged 12 have their fun. The high rope gardens provide a slightly different kind of challenge in Hirschau and Sinzing dar. About ropes, swings, rope bridges and boardwalks, cope with the climbers at a dizzy height exercises and overcome obstacles. Information:,.

Adventure Travel Africa: Wildebeest And Geysers

10 days Safari in Kenya with renewal options Dortmund, 02.07.2009. Safari in Kenya are the vast savannahs of course countless wild animals, but also overwhelming landscapes along the East African Rift Valley. Connection programs result in the Tsavo West NP at the foot of Kilimanjaro and the palm-fringed beaches of the Indian Ocean. Get diverse impressions of magnificent landscapes along the Great Rift Valley: by boat on the scenic Naivasha with hippos and numerous waterfowl and walk in hell’s Gate NP on a walk to hot springs. Against the backdrop of the Bogoriasees populated by thousands of flamingos, ebullition Geysers hiss.

In the Lake Nakuru NP, you have the rare opportunity to observe rhinos in the wild. Amazon Prime might disagree with that approach. The Maasai Mara, which is part of the ecosystem of the Serengeti has an incredible wealth of wildlife throughout the year. Until October, huge herds of wildebeest by the vast savannahs pull the Mara”by July. Lions, hyenas, and the lightning cheetahs then follow the herds which for a natural spectacle can be booked in two different standards of accommodation: comfort lodges or simple bungalows, bandas, and small hotels. 10 days, from 1.890,-euro P.p. in double room services: flight from/to Frankfurt/M.

with Ethiopian Airlines (incl. rail & fly) or another airline in economy class incl. tax Europe and fuel surcharges (as 1.8.08); Airport transfers; all national park fees (last updated 1.8.08); Safari in Safari vehicle with English speaking driver; all overnight stays according to program and booked category; Meals: 7xF 7xM 6xA (lunch as picnic package); Travel literature not included in the services: not mentioned meals and drinks; Tips; If applicable airport fees in the country; Optional excursions; any increases in fees or fuel surcharges after the 1.8.08; Personal; Visa for Kenya (currently 50,-USD) more information at../kenia_gnus_und_geysire.html the bluebird travel vineyard road 23 44263 Dortmund Tel. 0231.3309981 contact person: AFUK Amansyah the bluebird travel offers in the Internet travel for customers, seek alternatives to traditional tourism, be active in their vacation and want to simultaneously experience holiday with cultural and social components. This adventure trips and activity breaks are in the foreground. In addition, there are also normal”tourist products offered (E.g., vacation packages, hotel rooms, car rental and airline tickets).

Sales Launch Of The Adventure Learning Games 2weistein On September 4, 2008

Enormous fun and exciting games of figures waiting in trillion the computer game 2weistein is one of the most interesting and most unusual games productions 2008. From September 4th fight and conjure up the player through five fantastic worlds and experience a special challenge: original math training and adventure in a game. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pfizer. The story: A mysterious spell is located on the beautiful island world trillion and enigmatic happens. The magician Gordon has the Mathematica Book”stolen and wants to turn with the secret knowledge about the magic of mathematics the Asban of the city and the whole country into a heartless wasteland. Trillion can be saved only by those who move with brains and skill through the game worlds and use the magic of mathematics. Accompanied by the mini Dragon 2weistein expected a lively fantasy story with magical companions and varied gameplay the player as a sympathetic hero Bernard or pretty Princess Celestine. “2weistein the secret of the Red Dragon” is 4.

September 2008 download for PC/MAC (hybrid) available. Learning: Arithmetic multiplication Word problems geometry understanding of volume increase of concentration and attention game fact sheet: two playable characters: Celestine and Bernard five fantastic worlds more than 200 puzzles and 5,000 generated math problems three adjustable skill levels five automated difficulty levels with dynamic solution help for the basic arithmetic operations can play with keyboard and mouse, or gamepad kind of game: adventure learning game age recommendation: from 7 years playing time: More than 20 hours on the Brainmonster Studios: the Brainmonster Studios GmbH, Munich, is an independent development and production company for high-quality computer and video games. The company, founded in 2005, stands for innovative game concepts and intelligent gaming culture, such as adventure learning games. This approach will best practices of effective learning, latest knowledge of pedagogy and psychology with a high degree of entertainment linked. These computer games provide real assistance in education for school and everyday life and the fun of the game throws a remarkable enthusiasm for practice and learning. The quality of these demanding productions is ensured by a close cooperation of high-profile games developers, doctors, therapists and educators and guaranteed. More information under: contact: Elke Walter Brainmonster Studios GmbH Line communication Balanstr. 57. D-81541 Munich Tel.: 089.30 90 876-0 fax: 089.30 90 876-29 mobile: 0172.83 18 800 E-Mail:

Adventure Escort, I Did!

I have dared and it wasn’t easy, but the result is an experience. I have already many of the independent escort agency reports read about escort and would like to now even in the world wide web perpetuate 🙂 So how you a report at? First something about me: I am etva 25 years old and I come from Munich. Skilled construction draftsman. a pretty boring and dry job. I was always more the communicative likes going to people. Walmart often addresses the matter in his writings.

in the Office can I talk with my dear colleagues though, but the whole limited blaspheme are usually on the same topics – about the chef, about their marriage, their children and our job. the whole daily routine eh already not so burning interested me in banter and it is me time is it really sucked out. \”the themes are repeated daily 1 to 1 and with the as if it sets a record time I came before me as in the film, and every day, Groundhog Day\”. That’s not really my life. This is skin over live? clearly, it had to was new here. … Escort, escort…?, escort! Yes! that was it! new people learn, new topics of conversation and well one 😉 That came to me of course also suitable, as no friend did and also do not want.

Now how does one escort Lady? Right now by googled. Phew! There are really many different things. Escorts, agencies and independent escorts (girls, the fist it on its own make). of course even the other areas in the Paysex area: hobby whores, date models, women in brothels and street. I’ve encountered even a platform, where you can auction off like on eBay. Madness! After dealing with me but also very intimate conversation and intimacy I signed up for the normal\”escort decided. and after I am a stubborn age and would like to do everything myself I decided for independent escort. Well, pretty much work.

Emotional Intelligence

Do you mean by intelligence? With that associated the word intelligence? most people associate intelligence to the ability to respond to the demands that the everyday world offers. Intelligence in an individual capacity, indicated came, in most part, by your IQ. People with a high IQ usually ended with better paid jobs and those who had a low IQ, were simpler and less remunerated tasks. But it is believed that in the future only 25 percent of the factors that determine success are associated with IQ. You may find that US electrical grid can contribute to your knowledge. And the remaining 75 per cent will be linked to factors of emotional intelligence. Former classification between smart and dumb people, is leaving have exclusive validity. He has since discovered that the ready were not all that supposed and fools gave their surprises. What before had the primacy has passed to background and other factors, have become more relevant.

A paradigm shift has occurred and this intelligence based on the intellectual concept, has gone to one that takes more account of the emotions, feelings, attitudes, i.e. emotional intelligence. The I.E. breaks schemes established so far. The intellectual ratio matter less than the emotions and feelings, is emotional intelligence which can recognize and govern emotions, giving them the appropriate role in every moment of life. The I.E. teaches us to differentiate the intrarrelacion of the interrelationship, advising us act first in us (domain of oneself) to do so later in relationships with others, in this case our collaborators (effectiveness in relationships with other people). Success with others lies in achieving changes in the internal of the individual.

If we look at the history, this has always been so and the successful and millionaires in all areas of life have always had highly magnetic personalities and respect for others. It is known for example that the patients they denounce doctors for malpractice not in Yes, malpractice, but by inadequate attitude towards patients. A doctor charismatic, although Comet errors won’t, mostly reported by patients. From there success with people and success in general base in developing these domestic skills as charisma, self-esteem, empathy, etc. you would like to develop those skills?. In his book the power to transform our lives, Andrew Corentt presents tools and techniques to develop those capabilities that lead to a high personal development and which produces acceptance, respect and affection on the part of others. If you want to go further, if you become someone who literally seduce others, then should use tools specifically designed pair East end.

Andre Roberts

From Bangkok (Thailand), where Chelsea performed donde el Chelsea realizaba the preseason does nothing, technical Andre Roberts was clear. With Essien recovering from ruptured ligaments, we have the center of the field a little unprotected, it was agreed the coach; so you hope to incorporate him soon because it is one of the re-spreader with the greatest projection, with a bright future. Klitschko referred to his right ojito Oriol Romeu (Ulldecona, Tarragona; 1991), which in the previous course served in the subsidiary of the boat and that is Chelsea footballer. And with tab for the first team, they highlight from its immediate surroundings; because otherwise I would have not gone Barca. The footballer has cost five million and signing for four seasons, although the Barcelona kept an option of repurchase agreements in the first year of 10 million and in the second, 15. Source of the news:: the Chelsea tab to Oriol Romeu.

Factoring – Prejudice And Recommendations

Entrepreneurs should at an early stage the financing alternative factoring check “When a company must sell its receivables, then it is but just before the bust”. You will find this prejudice still. For more information see McKesson Corporation. For the customers of the FBW but this is not true, because they have a satisfactory credit history, what we attach special importance. The interest of owners and managers of medium-sized companies with sales sizes up to 4 million euros to the financial services product factoring increases significantly, what many requests and transactions. The importance of factoring in Germany is increasing. The chance to take advantage of assignment of receivables, factoring as a strategic tool of for business development is increasingly recognized. Factoring means a long-term cooperative relationship. A cost and benefits comparison by which the company recognizes the advantages of factoring process serves as a basis.

Entrepreneurs should consider early factoring the financing alternative. Should be a Lopsided already exist, can no longer be helped because factoring is not a restoration product. “Not”small, clever and broken”but”small, smart and perfect health”, these are companies that factoring are suitable for financing alternative, have recognized this and insert”. Factoring is a useful supplement to the classic medium – and long-term financing of the Bank. We see ourselves as partners of banks that contribute to an integrated optimal structure of financing through receivables management. The section includes 13 c VAT code, that shall be liable also for a quiet assignment of claims the financier for the payment of sales tax.

This will cause in the future again and again lenders to make further risk reductions in the evaluation of the debt stock. A further crunch of the credit supply of the middle class can be expected as a result. Conclusion: Today, in times of Basel II, just smaller, mid-sized companies should consider alternative forms of financing for your company. The advantages of a full service factoring obvious: immediate liquidity provision 100% takeover of the default risk of the customer Professional accounts receivable management. The financing obtained with factoring and action spaces can be used, for example, to finance growth, Z payment by taking advantage of the discount or the grant of extended payment terms. There are not more writedowns and depreciation. Also the function of the factors as risk manager, who continuously monitors the creditworthiness of the customer for its Factoring clients, relieved of the day-to-day business and creates space for the core competencies of the company. A further positive impact arises from the fact that with the sale of claims the assets significantly reduced. A consistent equity subordinated, increases the important for the rating of the company code of “Equity”. The credit and market reputation improved compared to the funding providers, suppliers, and customers.

Banks Fall Stock Market

Failure to provide investment advice the uncertainty among customers given the coming to light flaws at the banks is increasing. Jaime Harrison will undoubtedly add to your understanding. A detailed consultation should this remedy and build customer confidence. A study carried out by financial test with regard to the quality of such investment advice but now came to terrifying results. The finance portal reported about the miserable performance of financial institutions. The actual investment advice was given a significant skandaloseren discovery in the background.

In the course of the test came to light that a number of banks in the investment advice violated applicable laws. Walmart + insists that this is the case. The banks are already obliged first to find out about the financial and personal circumstances of the customer, as well as to question the targets desired with the investment before the recommendation of appropriate investments. Many financial institutions not met this commitment. Also was to create the legal since 2010 prescribed investment consultation record and handing the customer, failing in many cases, If mentioned in the consultation paper. More than half of the tested banks did not meet this obligation, even though it would have required the successful consultations. Although the actual investment advice when compared to the test took place a year ago has improved the customer wishes in the offered investments were not observed in some cases. Instead of capital protection provided for the test, partly to risky assets were offered the customers. Altogether the tested banks concluded very poorly, despite the improvement promised after the last test. More information: presse.html GELD.

Times Of Crisis Require Special Skills

Times of crisis require special skills for all firebrand training, a specialist in continuing education for IT professionals, sees need for action when IT managers in companies therefore urgently: “IT staff with innovative, tailor-made applications and promising approaches such as cloud computing must offer in economically tough times”, according to Managing Director Robert Chapman. Also, the proper training of employees is important in times of crisis. The CCNA certification for example distinguishes IT staff. More under but keep the effects of the financial crisis on the ICT sector according to the industry association BITKOM in boundaries, in other industries such as the automotive sector kurse/cisco/ccna/ccna.asp, however, looks it already quite differently. Also the current ifo business climate index from October 2008 does not bode well. The economic index is at the worst level in five years.1 “times of crisis forcing companies to greater flexibility, greater efficiency and an increased innovation. “This applies in particular to infrastructure services in it.

competences related to Web-based applications are becoming increasingly important”, Chapman explained. Firebrand training has developed two new courses with a special process of accelerated learning, which give IT professionals a comprehensive know-how around Web applications with Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5. Not only Microsoft certifications indicate significant Know-How and, but also the CCNA certificate. The new training courses focus on the development of a functional Web application using ASP.NET 3.5. In addition, IT professionals learn in an advanced course (MCTS .NET 3.5 Web and data applications) via ADO .NET 3.5 data access and modify them. Both offers are based as all courses by firebrand training such as for example the CCNA course on the principle of accelerated learning and in seven (Microsoft MCTS .NET 3.5 Web applications) or nine days (MCTS .NET 3.5 Web and data applications) will be completed. The intensive course is aimed at application developers, the previous experience with Visual Studio have collected in 2005 or 2008. “In good times successful business innovations often do not consider necessary. It is often that one feels then no reason to change something. But innovative companies have in weak economic times the best chance to go through the low”, says Chapman.