First Opening Phase On Yas Iceland

Just in time to the formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi open seven hotels on the island of adventure on one of the largest natural islands off the coast of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Iceland, are its doors open on time for the first formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand on 1 November seven new hotels Prix. Together with the inauguration of the new track is one the most important stages in the development of the Emirate to an international tourism destination. The 5 star hotel the Yas hotel by Aldar Properties is at the heart of the Yas Marina circuit. Part of the journey will lead directly through the hotel, which is half on land and half of the Marina. On the shores of Yas Iceland Bay, along the links championship golf courses and only five minutes from the racetrack, welcomes its guests to the Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi. The Rezidor Park Inn – Yas Iceland represents the Brussels-based hotel group Rezidor’s Park and the Radisson Blu – Yas Iceland the Adventure Island gets another luxury hotel. Already in September 2009, the Rotana hotel chain opened two Houses on Yas Iceland: the 4-star deluxe hotel Yas Iceland Rotana and the Centro Yas Iceland. The latter will be by Rotana Hotels the first of the modern, stylish and affordable business hotel brand, Centro.

The Staybridge Suites Abu Dhabi is suitable for a longer stay in Abu Dhabi and for guests who are looking for an alternative to the conventional hotel. Yas Iceland covers an area of 2,500 hectares and has a 32-kilometre stretch of coastline. Up to the last opening stage 2018 about two-thirds are developed and built. ALDAR Properties PJSC, an investment and management company for real estate, headquartered in Abu Dhabi has the project responsibility. For more information see.

Companies Develop Computer Presentation Tools

According to estimates by Microsoft 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created worldwide every day Hamburg (1). “A billion tomb”, judges the Hamburger business consultant and coach Bernd Hansen. He exhibits no good testimony to the now-standard, software-based presentations. “Presentation tools have been created to assist speakers. Not to supplant them, brings the presentation expert his main criticism the misapplication of tools on the point.

Just like foil and flip chart, PowerPoint charts the trendy Word to illustrate and clarify. Do not replace or repeat. But the reality looks different: overloaded charts, wild animation and of course text. Blinking text. Flying text. And text that is read Word for Word by a speaker whose effect and power of persuasion is reduced to a distant voice from the darkness. A scenario that tired and bored, rather than to arouse attention and to create tension.

“You have to be no economist, to” the studied business administration Hansen concludes to realize how much economic resources here fizzle”,”presentations are elaborately created, then presented in larger circles, and after the presentation it is missing due to lack of punch in the desired outcome. In the worst case, this means: twice cost produced and once failed to yield. At 30 million presentations daily so billions of dollars, Yen and euros can be sunk. And also every day”. A compelling presentation stands or falls with the presenter. Not the price alone, not the method, and not the medium decide about the success, but the effect and persuasive power of the speakers. Hansen followed this simple motto has always been: as producer of the TV series speeches for everyone ‘, as editor in Chief of trade publication successfully convince and present’ and as a trainer for presentation and persuasion art. Who the experiences of Hansen’s, since 20 years companies in Germany. Austria and the Switzerland advises and trains, currently would like to use, now has an extraordinary opportunity to do so. As in the previous year, has Hansen the price breaker project seminar-discounters a limited quota on workout days provided. This quota is to the known low seminar-discounters terms, i.e. with a price reduction of approximately 80% angeboten(2). The new discount system seminar-discounters it is also possible to book packages from coach days, which are later to schedule. For more information see. (1) source Wikipedia (2) 2005 Hamburg consultancy CHM Ltd competed, with the project seminar-discounter to revolutionize the education industry pricing. The day fees for corporate and individual training in the amount of 379,24 euro as well as the fees for seminars of 47.06 euros per day per person seminar undercuts-discounters the usual average market prices to up to about 80%. At the same time, superior quality is guaranteed through the use by expert trainers up over 20 years of practical experience. All prices plus 19% VAT press contact: seminar-discounters CHM Ltd Branch Office Germany Daniel Jessen P.

Grunderwettbwerb Stop: The Jury’s Decision Was Not Easy

The first by EmiL nrw and smart network district Kleve initiated founder competition ‘The best business idea’ on 30 October in Wesel decided. The jury (Dirk Schubel, Holger Thies, Ute Schmeiser and Andrea Feldmann) was not an easy task. A total of six participants presented their business plan. The participants had time to present their business plan and to answer questions of the jury every 10 minutes. Criteria were the business idea, their sustainability and design, but also the power of persuasion and personality of the founding people.

These founders were involved in the Endauscheidung: Heike Bruns (art for the nursery) Ursula Neugebauer (mobile sleep school) Birgit Ramsauer (your Weddingplaner) Michaela Schoofs (agricultural Office service) Nicole Vogt / Lars Bunger (nursery with integrated therapy garden) Maria Wouters (campground Kevelaer) the grand finale at the presentations before the jury withdrew for consideration, contact Maria Wouters son and husband, by them their presentation with guitars and musical made its own song. Then began the wait for the final decision of the jury. Holger Thies, handed the prizes the participants as Chairman of the jury, then also noted that it was a razor-thin decision. All ideas were elaborate and marketable. The participants on the 2nd received vouchers for free consultation hours of the EmiL-nrw team: Consulting (Karin Hambali), marketing consulting (Ute Schmeiser), financial consulting (Manfred Friske) and coaching (Sigrid NIEs) Ursula Neugebauer was awarded the first prize, a Premiumberatungspaket, EmiL-nrw. With their idea of mobile sleep school”she will count in the future individuals and companies to its clientele.

She goes to the customers to move along the path to relaxation. Already in the workshop before the Endauscheidung could convince themselves of their skills the participants of the competition and were unanimously of the opinion: it’s good and I can translate well. The initiators of the founder competition (EmiL-nrw and smart network district Kleve) this was certainly not the last action for current and future entrepreneurs. See for more information about the contest. Sigrid NIEs

Personal Portfolio Analysis

Targeted and effective human resources development by means of portfolio analysis due to the strategic importance of human resources development in more and more companies, the use of personnel-portfolio analysis to support a target-oriented human resources development recorded a significant increase. The objectives of the human resources portfolio primarily include the identification of strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks in terms of the individual employee. Based on the results it generated, the personnel portfolio analysis should provide comprehensive and reliable assistance in the development of human resources strategies. In addition, the objective is to achieve an improvement in the use of personnel by means of targeted measures. Serve as a viewing items of personnel portfolio analysis – current employee performance, as well as – the potential (yet) suspected employees. Parent may be the personnel portfolio analysis in four successive logical steps. The first step requires the identification of analyzing employee which is carried out by means of selection of the organizational units that you want to see.

Also, the assessment criteria are set in the first step. In the second step, the current situation with regard to the employees to be analyzed is recorded and then visually represented. In the third step, the target State with the involvement of business objectives in the form of a target portfolio is planned. Finally, the generation of target-oriented human resources strategies to achieve the ideal condition of pre-planned is the fourth step. The methodology is set together with the supervisor and the employees so that a high level of acceptance on both sides is guaranteed.

In General, the personnel portfolio analysis by means of the already well-known portfolio presentation is displayed. This it has established itself in the practice, that the employees are classified as follows in the four quadrants. Low power and low potential: In this quadrant staff with inefficiencies and weaknesses can be found with regard to the spoken to them potential, which is necessary for the performance of its tasks.