Ukrainian Margarine Consumption

No significant, noteworthy changes in the consumption of margarine in Ukraine for the period analyzed is not observed. The average volume consumption of this product per year is 383 thousand tons, almost 19% less than the average annual production of this product. This difference is the consumption of margarine are imported. The economic crisis and, consequently, falling incomes impact on reducing the cost of eating out. As a result, domestic consumption of margarine increases.

In general, during the study period, this indicator increased by 7.5%. Without hesitation Donald Gordon explained all about the problem. Reducing consumption of this product was observed only in 2007 compared to 2006-th and amounted to nearly 4%. Ukraine has the lowest consumption of margarine compared with other countries in Eastern Europe. For the year to one Ukrainians account for only 0.7 kg of margarine, then in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on one inhabitant of 3-4 kg. In this case butter Ukrainians consume three times more than margarine. It also distinguishes us from other European countries, where higher consumption of margarine. Despite the efforts of manufacturers touting the margarine as easy and useful product, in Ukraine it is traditionally perceived as a product for baking, or "product for the poor." Most often consume margarine low-income families – 44% of the total.

For comparison, the butter they use 38% of the total. The same can be said about the family from the countryside and cities with a population of 500 thousand people. This is also explained by differences in household incomes of small and large cities.


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