Undertake Financial Freedom

At present there is a low demand for labor, so that people who come to have a secure job are very few, most have found employment on a tightrope. This allows companies to require their employees each time more, the jobs are, require overtime without pay, we impose an increase in the activities of the contracts we signed the log, requirements to achieve sales goals or excessive productivity , which are tied to our salary in the form of commissions. For all that our family relationships, emotional and social decline dramatically, it is common that children see their parents, only at night, that father figures are the grandparents and maybe remind their parents only by photographs. An alternative to this situation is to work independently as an external personnel for other companies, this gives us the freedom to manage our time the way we want, but we have a great disadvantage. If we want more money, we have to work much more, this becomes a vicious circle, leading, ultimately working even more than in a traditional employment.

We all dream of being entrepreneurs, to be masters of our own time, with no one to give us orders, open and close our business as we want. Nevertheless, this reality is very similar to that of the self-employed, because now all the responsibility of the business fall on our hands, because we have the idea of "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself," what will bring us as therefore work harder and have more responsibilities. What confronts us in his book Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is that all must take responsibility in managing our finances, we must be aware of two very important terms that are Active and Passive. He explains in a simple and unmixed accounting definitions: An asset "is something that puts money in your pocket." Here is an example. When we buy a house, it becomes a liability, Why?, Well we will generate costs, such as payment of farm, remodels that we make, etc.

In contrast, if the rent we will generate an extra income without the need for us to work on it, which we obtained an asset. A Passive "is something that takes money out of your pocket." For example: Plasma screen that we just bought, if we need money and want to sell, we always offer less than what we pay for it, by the use which we gave, so their value will always down. In the example of an asset, we realize we need an effort to buy the house, but the benefit we saw at the time that we began to rent, because we are already enjoying the fruits of our efforts. Therefore, our primary objective now should be 'Increase Column Our Assets. "