Sweet Heaven

It will then pan and diapers, work and travel on weekends to his mother-sharing shelves on the rack and heated debates on the topic "My collection of stuffed animals takes up less space than your collection of beer mugs!". And yet – a beautiful Wedding and a logical extension of her – a beautiful honeymoon, which many people do not think a wedding trip. So, you managed to carve round poslesvadebnogo time and money. In order not to run in the first days living together with domestic troubles and document-ticket vanity, the young family is better off in a travel agency. As a rule, experts know the specifics of wedding tours and offers a variety of options. The first variant. Classic. Peak weddings have in the summer and early autumn, in the same period, the peak beach season.

Therefore, very often the bride and groom choose the coast (Turkey, Egypt, or Crimea). Larisa and Yuri, for example, went to the wedding trip to , came prettier, rested. Stars in the south of bright fruit – juicy, tasty wine, tan – the golden, the sea – warm. So, all the components of "honey" of life there Option Two. Romantic. Girls decided to conquer what? Bouquets, chocolates and teddy bears. Already conquered the girls, continuing the tradition of beautiful gestures, after the wedding, must carry to Paris, to walk in Montmartre, relax in "Moulin Rouge" and kissing on "-Tsatom" floor of the Eiffel Tower. Very romantic. As kind of a romantic holiday – a tour by boat.