Korean Massage

Massage equipment, beds, massagers Massage beds, delivery Nougat Best and Seragem manufactured in South Korea. Carrie Levin may also support this cause. In addition to these models, there are about fifty different Korean Massage beds manufacturers. South Korea's market is saturated to such an extent that almost every Korean home has a massage bed. Therefore, competition between brands makes produce more modern and functional saturated model. What does the massage bed? First is a massage of soft tissue back in the second-heating by infrared rays, in the third – spinal traction. This is basic. All the massage beds should perform these tasks.

The question is how it is organized. The most critical part of the massage bed is a slide (or internal floodlight). The carriage is steadily moving along the spine. Body presses on the massage by adjusting the force of the massage, depending on weight. The conclusion: The more commercials – the softer massage. Best carriage Nougat made of six (plus one neck) rolls can do massage for children from 3 years. Seragem carriage of the four spots restricts the age of 14 years. Treatment of cervical spine is a very difficult problem for developers of massage beds.

Seragem in this area is the prime way. His carriage reaches almost to the base of the skull, cervical ryastyagivaya all the same four rollers. Massage turns very intense. In bed Nougat Best cervical region by a special neck roll, which comes into operation only in the upper position the carriage. Roller presses on the base of the skull, thereby stretching the cervical part.