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Many links are a good start to run successful online marketing. You have created a Web page. This looks good, is easily manageable and meaningful, and everything he needs for his online luck offers the user. Well you should be because, to provide your site with most abundant ‘good’ external links. Please see also here strongly on the quality of the links! Also please note the principle: “Quality goes before quantity”. Simple example: If you are a copywriting, then let your page better with recommendations of your customers (agencies, publishers), your suppliers (Office equipment supplier), link your institution to which you have studied? but please not with Bell, source, Otto & co. It harms your reputation if you reveal too much of themselves.

You have more good links of such “recommendations”, the higher your reputation in search engine optimization are growing. But beware: Anyone who thinks that he could now link sellers + link farm a high search engine reputation working together, is firmly in trouble. Who would like to build its success on lies and unqualified recommendations, should not be surprised about abuse. This is comparable to a “doctor” who has not prepared his doctorate but simply bought from an institution. Remain so in everything you do always honest. Everything else is not ethically correct search engine optimization and is not taken seriously by Google, Yahoo & co.. All possibilities of serious links are useful and good. In the online press articles a link can’t hurt, as hyperlinks from business partners, good clients for whom you have worked before, and institutions.

Also in Web directories you should be represented with a link (E.g. at dmoz.org). Also known as “social bookmark services” are an excellent way to get more links. Many users can manage your favorite links as in “Mister Wong” or “Del.icio.us”, or “Digg”. Such directories be used liked by search engines, to find out which Web pages are popular with users.